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The truth is that it would like us write merry articles and distended, in fact, do not lose the illusion to do it, but for now touches to assume the realism that surrounds us and, unfortunately, does not give us a lot of reasons to launch the bells to the flight. So today it must speak of responsibilities. Almost at all.

“In my country -said Alicia, that still jadeaba a bit when speaking-, when it runs  during some time in a determinate direction is used to  arrive to some part..

-Your country has to be something slow -commented the Queen-. Here you have to run at full speed to be able to remain in the same place…”.

As this same feeling arises us to us in front of the cake that have the architects on of the table when we touch the subject of the responsibility. The thousands of rules that demands us  know to draft a project, really, are to remove the hipo. The consequences of any failure in the project will be main for the signatory of the same, therefore, purchases a more responsibility with the delivery of the project. This responsibility is alone of the one who signs. That it have been visa by the School of Architects, or that the corresponding City council have given him the seen well, will not exempt neither an apex of this commitment. So, while we do not begin to draft projects to the “European”, are responsible of all the parts of the  project, included the study geotectónico, by incredible that seem.

If we centre, in what happens once begun the work, the thing already is complicated furthermore. Besides the own responsibility of any irregularity or mistake in the project, we have it of which in the work there is no misfortune. This mission, he entrusts himself both to the optional direction (Architect and Rigger) and to the coordinator of safety and health, who normally is in the habit of being one of the two.

Really, we do not stop understanding how the figure of the architect can be so vulnerable before any problem relating to the safety of a work. It seems that we are gods and can be everywhere and at all hours. That must exist safety plans, it is clear, and ojalá it was done quite by more rigor and care. That the construction companies should fulfill the part that they touch, since for it they charge, it is evident. But that if something, any thing happens, the optional direction could be accused and made responsible for it, it looks like to us an authentic madness.

If to this we add the “onlooker” been in that some worker and the trend comes to work to the equilibrismo of the most witty (while ningunean to the optional direction), the risk increases in a considerable way. Also it would be nice, to ask us porqué the own company it does not sanction them, since beside putting in danger his life, they put in check the future of the own construction one if some calamity happens.

On the other hand, if we stop to think in “the extra” that one takes the optional direction for doing that the safety is fulfilled and to assume the responsibility, it will be to begin to weep since even when there was no crisis it nor was possible to aspire to a few just fees. It yes other sectors, before this topic, they will not tremble the pulse in making strikes concealed to demand still mas fee. But we, not. We feel like in the “Wonderland”, without being able to advance, for much that we try it, knowing that he does not recover for the acquired responsibility and assuming that the work will be, with all probability, insecure.

If the thing is complicated and the optional direction finishes in the court, the most probable thing is that the judge him endiñe the responsibility, yes or yes, though the causer of the disaster am being laughing heartily at us whenever we were saying to him that the glasses can save him from blind person, who was sticking, that was putting on the hull or who the safety boots do honor to his name. Where there are the good beach some, which one takes quite.

The topic is very serious and it is not possible to count otherwise. Good yes, one can and of fact, one counts, but it did not seem to us likely to enter this game. So better we put the letters on the table and see if indeed it is possible to continue playing with these rules, to you ¿what does seem to you?

Stepienybarno_Agnieszka Stepien and Lorenzo Barnó, architects

Estella, october 2010


Stepienybarno está formado por Agnieszka Stepien y Lorenzo Barnó, ambos arquitectos y formados en temas de Identidad Digital y Comunicación online. Desde el 2004 tenemos nuestro propio estudio de arquitectura, ubicado en un pequeño pueblo de Navarra, Estella, y ambos estamos embarcados en nuestras tesis doctorales. A su vez, colaboramos con otros profesionales tanto del ámbito de la arquitectura, sostenibilidad y comunicación online. Vivir en Estella nos da la tranquilidad necesaria para poder encarar el día a día con energía y la red nos posibilita contactar con un mundo maravilloso que de otra forma hubiera sido imposible.

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