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Montaje de la Imagen del Congreso de Arquitectura en la fachada del edificio del Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Cataluña. © Fernando Gil
Assembly of the Image of the Congress of Architecture in the front of the building of the Architects’ Official College of Catalonia. © Fernando Gil

The sustainability, the rehabilitation of the constructed heritage, the participative processes, the right to a worthy housing or the right to an equitable city, are some of the topics that already are debated in the Architecture Congress 2016, which has been warming engines last weeks.

The Congress, it will extend until November and will be a space of meeting professional where, citizens and institutions will think about a new positioning of the architecture to give answers to the social, environmental and economic challenges.

Organized by the Col.legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya (COAC) and with the collaboration of more than sixty organizations, to promote the participation, the congress moves away from the habitual format of these events and combines a debate opened on line with meetings attend them. It will be formed by a set of actions that they will facilitate to share knowledge, to establish areas of debate and to facilitate the diffusion to the architects, other professionals and the rest of citizens.

The acts of the congress spread over the Catalan territory and they will develop in headquarters of the professional colleges, schools of architecture, museums and other Catalan institutions. The final meeting, of two days, will take place on November 24 and 25.

With the implication of these sixty organizations, associations, institutions and universities, the Congress already achieves his first aim, mobilizing the environment of the architecture to put in relief together his values and to establish a commitment with these and with the company.

With the Congress of 2016, the COAC continues a tradition initiated in 1931. Since then, in nine occasions one has organized an event of this nature. The last Congress was celebrated twenty years ago, coordinated by the COAC and the Architects’ International Union (UIA), by great success of participation.

Imagen del proyecto ganador del concurso abierto ¨dressing up¨del Espacio Congreso, en la Sede del Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos © A.Perich, R.Such y M.Neering
Image of the winning project of the opened contest ¨dressing up¨del I Spread Congress, in the Headquarters of the Architects’ Official College © A.Perich, R.Such and M.Neering

Space Congress, a point of meeting.

The Space Congress wants to be a point of meeting between the physical world and the virtual world of the web page of the Congress and the social networks. Located in the ground floor and in the hillock of the Architects’ College of Catalonia, it is a point of meeting where to return to re-live through the acts, to interact across the networks or to turn them to debating. The Congress is an extraordinary activity with regard to the habitual activity of the College, and the winning project of the opened contest, ¨dressing up¨, wants to dress in holiday the common spaces of the College, clarifying the extraordinary character of what has to happen in the next months and inviting to the whole world to entering, to know and to inform it.

The adjustment has been the result of an opened contest last June and executed during the last weeks by Ariadna Perich and Roger Such.

Some events of the Congress.

The Congress wants to be constructed on a set of specific looks from more than 100 events. In the web they will be finding all the acts, of between that we stand out:

· Present and future of the housing. 4 round tables in parallel and a day of conclusions and put jointly. Functionality, rehabilitation, echo – efficiency and technology are four parameters that allow to analyze the evolution of the housing in the next years. The challenge is to obtain a correct balance between these four aspects always with the aim to guarantee the effective access and the social right to the housing.

· Education of the architecture. The challenges that the architecture confronts in the next decades need from the complicity of the whole world. Because of it it is necessary to introduce in the plans of study of the infantile, primary school, it would help etc… Notions and knowledge of architecture. We want to discuss how and when to introduce these ideas and to do a test with more than 5000 pupils of schools of Catalonia with the students’ participation and schools of architecture during the autumn quarter.

· Business ethics and ethical commitment. The content and the values of the ethical commitment linked to the professional activity in the new socioeconomic environment.

Specification sheet of the Congress.

Organizer: COAC + 60 organizations

Date: from June to November, 2016 (final meeting on November 24 and 25)

Acts: more than 100 (they will be able to consult in the web)

Participants: more than 8000

The director of the Congress: Roger Subirà

Scientific committee: presided by Oriole Bohigas

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