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FUNDACIÓN BARRIÉ. CORUÑA. Until 30 of May 2010
House of games is the didactic proposal of David Chipperfield’s exhibition that takes place in the headquarters of the Fundación Barrié in Coruña. Is a proposal developed for children through different modules.

Workshops didacticos for educational centers are organized low titles: In a good shape; superarchitect: is sought; under construction; CADarquitectura. Workshops for families are denominated masterplan and workshops for associations of integration: sensotopía.

Objectives of the workshop are:
-Bringing closer to the users of the didactics the formal and conceptual language of David Chipperfield. Analysis of the historical context.
-Exploring creative processes of the architect.
-Knowledge of the basic principles of the architecture.
-Knowledge of different approaches of the modelística (mockups).
-Proposing one experencia that involves rational and emotive aspects, in addition to dynamics that resources explore psicomotrices.
-Turning to the public in user and later on in producer.


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