According to Kenneth Frampton, the beginning of the modern Brazilian architecture can distinguish in the company formed by Lucio Costa y Gregori Warchavichk, Russian architect, who was employed at Italy influenced by the futurists. The appointment of Coast, after the revolution of 30 of Getulio Vargas, as the director of the art school, contributed decisively to the general acceptance of the ideas of the “modern architecture” .Otro notable point Le Corbusier is given by the trip in 1936 to Brazil, from which it derived the project for the department of health, elaborated by a group of young architects between those that Oscar Niemeyer, Afonso Eduardo Reidy and Lucio Costa were emphasizing.

This second fact is decisive in the spread of the ideal modern ones in Brazil, and South America, (taking the trip to Buenos Aires as a precedent realized in 1929) and in certain way it marks the beginning of a new stage in LC, recognized worldwide. From the project for the department of education in Rio there make real several LC’s ideas related to the quiebra the Sun, the office block and the posibiliad of intervening in places consolidated of the city.

Worker teaching to his family the new home, brasilia, 1789 |


Francisco Chateau

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