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Already from the first visit to Europa Point’s Big huts we saw a great potential this project, so much for his location (orientation privileged N-S, conference on the sea and Africa) as the intrinsic value of the own buildings, for his singularity, since for the big domed spaces of his interior.

Our intervention centred on the first moment on eliminating all added realized in the different phases and uses of the building (that desvirtúan the reading of the same one), trying to receive the extensive program in the existing buildings. It is on having verified the need to execute new work when the backbone of our offer will centre on arranging and promoting these intermediate spaces.


The Atrium.

In the first moment we try to organize the program being served the axes N-S and And Or that mark the traffics, beside being served traces to arrange the future university.

The axis N-S us marks a traffic from the entry N of the Court crossing the principal building towards the big huts, whereas the Axis Or And us there marks a new traffic parallel to the principal building that us general alerts both new income to the university. We place the vertical communications to this point (moving them of the ends, which it is where they are at present).

In the point of meeting of these axes it is constituted in the central point of the university, by what the spaces are located so much representative as of relation between the pupils, teachers and visitors (Main Recepcion, Soft zone Learnin Café, etc.) as well as the accesses to two requested powers.

This space turns of this form into the principal idea of the project. Covered with a metallic structure, equipped with brisoleis, that scarcely touches the existing buildings obtains an impluvium of natural, changeable light throughout the day that allows the relation between the users, visitors and personal teacher of the building. This exchange turns out to be more formal in the ground level and more relaxed in the slight basement, (partly for his proximity to the university refectory) though both are communicated in by means of elste central porch.

Big huts of defense.

The spaces, of great interest of the big huts of they use to locate the dependences shared for two qualifications (Common Teaching Facilities, Sculleries for Support Staff, Toilets, Staff room).

We locate the classes in a central place leaving the spaces of the ends for the complementary uses.

Principal building.

We support the representative character of I build principally of the 18th century, locating in both the Management Unit and the Library (with independent highway) and the Study areas and the Main Hall (in the mentioned axis N-S).

New Constructions.

We decide to construct two prismatic volumes in each of them end of the porch, to locate the Faculty de Health studies as Faculty of Hospitality. These blind boxes intovertidas, which look for the zenithal light in the ground level, seem to rise on metallic profiles in the basement level. In his abstract composition and games of lights and shades they try to guarantee both the natural lighting, and the privacy of the Refectory as of the laboratories.

The Court.

In the first moment we try to recover the existing buildings to locate the part of the office program for the Academic Staff, looking for the potential of this space, the possibility of having north light and certain independence of Commom Teaching’s zone Facilities. For programmatical needs we construct a series of volumes that reconstruct the plot, beside generating a species of “cloister” that preserves the traffics beside generating a private garden.


With independent access from the principal access, we locate a restaurant on the existing big huts. Scarcely delimited by a frivolous cover, protagonism seeks not to reduce to privileged conference on Europe Point’s Africa.

Work: University of Gibraltar
Promoter: Gobierno de Gibraltar
Location: Europa Point Gibraltar
Budget: PEM 10.000.000 pounds
Study: Ayalto Integral S.L
Architect: Xavier Ozores Pardo (Principal), Pedro Carcelén Fernández (Collaborator)
Rigger: Jorge Carcelén Fernández
Construction: Casais l.t.d – Acrock l.t.d
Facilities: IEN Instalaciones Electromecanicas do Norte ltd
Front: SETENTA l.t.d
Photography: David Frutos | BISimages

Gibraltar Heritage Award 2015

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