Sobre la villa Hutheesing-Shodhan: pormenores de un encargo | María Candela Suárez

In the volumes 5 and 6 of the OEuvre Complète appear two versions for the villa Hutheesing – Shodhan. They correspond to the deliveries of October 24, 1951 and of May, 1953, respectively. Nevertheless, the drawing FLC 6463 exposes a ” Schéma comparatif des trois stades principaux of l’étude ” 2, where there is included, besides those, a third version of the project, correspondent to a delivery of November 10, 1952.

279 documents that compose the dossier Shodhan, published in The Le Corbusier Archive3, demonstrate more instances of the study. The sum of all the variants shapes the project process of this villa, which economic management of the order will be the object of this article. I try to check two hypotheses: 1, that the economic misunderstandings between architect and client depended basically of cliente4, though some of them owed to contractual improvidences on the part of the architect, only one harmed during all the management; 2, that the interest of Him Corbusier for taking his architecture to the India was overcoming widely his economic expectations, to coast, even, of seeing his image undervalued in terms of money, throughout 5 years that the project and construction lasted of her villa5.

Villa Hutheesing-Shodhan [Le Corbusier] |

1951. The origin of the project for the villa Hutheesing-Shodhan is sent on March 19, 1951. This day Surottam Hutheesing wrote and telegrafió6 to Him Corbusier, during his first visit to Chandigarh7, commenting to him on his desire of which he should construct his house in Ahmedabad8.


Maria Candela Suárez

+ article is published in Annuaire Massilia

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