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FabLab Barcelona, in collaboration with Hangar, creates a platform online to catch and to share the information that there generate the ” civil sensors “, distributed between the users who finance jointly the initiative. One of his first applications will be her of measuring the pollution of the air and of acoustics in the city of Barcelona sharing the real time information by means of social networks.

About the project

The computers have allowed us to create contents, and Internet that we them could share. Now it is the moment to act in the physical world using both tools. By means of the development and distribution of kits of urban sensors, we are going to use devices to raise information of the environment to the web (as when we send messages to social networks, or posteamos videoes and images) and thus to visualize and to share information as for example the indexes of the air pollution or sonorous of there where let’s let’s want.

The project is born in the bosom of the Fab Lab Barcelona ( in the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (, both centers orientated to the study of the use of the new technologies in the different scales of the human habitat, from the bits up to the geography. With’s collaboration, in one works whose Laboratory of Interactivity for the development of tools of hardware and free software, and that will carry out the design of the new platform of kits smart citizen.


Smart Citizen is a platform to generate participative processes of the persons in the cities connecting information, citizens and knowledge. The aim of the platform is to serve as productive node for the generation of opened indicators and distributed tools, and from there the collective construction of the cities for his own inhabitants.

The project Smart Citizen bases on the geo-location; in Internet and in the hardware and the software free for the capture of information and (in the second phase) the production of objects; it connects persons with his environment and his city to create relations more effective and optimized between resources, technology, communities, services and events in the urban environment. Nowadays it is spreading out as initial phase in the city of Barcelona.


The SCK is an electronic plate based on Arduino ( that is equipped with sensors of air quality, temperature, sound, dampness and quantity of light. In addition, the plate there contains a solar loader who allows to connect it to photovoltaic panels to be able to install it in any place. The plate comes equipped with an antenna WiFi that allows to raise and to share the information of the real time sensors to platforms online. Video on the project and more information in Goteo:


SmartCitizen.Me from Fab Lab Barcelona on Vimeo.

Motivation and whom the project is directed

The aim of this campaign is the development of the Smart Citizen finances in a collective way Kit: an electronic plate based on Open Hardware that allows to catch environmental information and to share them across Internet. It consists of sensors, loader of battery and antenna WiFi, and can be used by any citizen not necessarily experienced on electronics. In addition, the plate will allow to advanced users to add functionalities and capacities, depending on his needs.

Also we try to finance the putting in march of the first version of the platform online, that allows to any person to be able to raise the information that it captures with his kit Internet, to share them with other citizens across social networks and to use them to affect in his spaces, so much servants as to scale of neighborhood.

The purpose of the platform is to do this useful and understandable information, which will allow to generate a decentralized database and that can be used for: planning of events, automation of tasks, management of shared spaces, evaluation of environmental conditions for special users, investigation, or education. Also it will allow to exchange designs 3D between the users, for the impression of physical objects.

Finally (and not less importantly), we want to organize a series of workshops and you confer “Smart Citizen”, which allow to spread the learning of new civil tools for his participation in the city of Barcelona. The workshops will coordinate from the Fab Lab Barcelona, and will be directed for the public in general. Likewise, there will develop packages orientated to groups been interested in the project:

– Civic Centers

– Schools

– Universities

– diverse Institutions

– Companies

– neighbors’ Communities

More information:

Tomás Díez

Director FabLab Barcelona

Ana Salvador

Dpto. Comunicación IAAC

Tel. (+34) 933209520 – 670436444

Pujades 102 ,bajos

08005 Barcelona

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