Modern Masters. Francisco Sáenz de Oiza

The COAM Architecture Foundation continues this cycle with which it wants to highlight the importance that the contemporary architectural heritage has for the society of the 21st century, the need for its social recognition and its maintenance and conservation.

This second conference is dedicated to Francisco Sáenz de Oizaa (1918-2000), author of the Torres Blancas building, Torre-Triana in Seville and the Public University of Navarra, among others.

They will intervene Francisco Alonso de Santos and Javier Sáenz Guerra.

Francisco Alonso de Santos, architect for the School of Madrid, expands his training in the studies of Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oíza, Alejandro de la Sota, Ove Arup and Max Bill.

Professor of the School of Architecture of Madrid and of the Pontifical University of Salamanca, he shares his teaching work with the architectural creation and experimental research linked to the project of unification of the sciences and crafts of construction in the tradition of the Culture of the Technical Form.

It will be mainly the experience as architect collaborator in the project of the BBVA Tower and as professor in the chair of Architectural Projects, which determines his outstanding relationship with the teacher.

Fco. Javier Sáenz Guerra, Architect by the School of Architecture of Madrid (1985). Professor of Architectural Projects of the CEU San Pablo University.

He has developed the practice of the profession (1985-2000) in the study of D. Fco. Javier Sáenz de Oíza later opening his own office to the present. From his first time is participation in works such as Torretriana in Seville, Public University of Navarra, housing in the M30, New headquarters of the Fairgrounds of Madrid, and Auditorium of Santander among others, as well as a wide participation in Ideas Contests. From his own studio he builds teaching buildings for the Junta de Extremadura, Faculties of Law and Philology for the Complutense University and housing in Madrid and León.

He has taught and conducted research stays among other universities in: ETSAM, Milan, Naples, Mexico and Edinburgh. Of its publications include the one published by Nobuko, 2016, “Saenz de Oíza y Torres Blancas: una torre en plural” and the one made by the Jorge Oteiza Museum entitled “Un Mito Moderno. La Capilla del Camino de Santiago, de Sáenz de Oíza, Oteiza y Romaní”, (2007).

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