Luis Peña Ganchegui, architecture like landscape

Over the modes Peña Ganchegui continues constructing his buildings with a personal style, attached to the Basque Country. Intimate friend of Chillida thinks about him.

“Praise of the light” is a documentary series that does a portrait of the contemporary, understood architecture not only as artistic activity, but also pragmatic and utilitarian.

Luis Peña Ganchegui (1926-2009) has been the relating maximum of the Architecture in the Basque Country from the beginning of his career at the end of the 50s up to his death, in April, 2009.

It obtained different prizes between which the Prize is necessary to emphasize Antonio Camuñas of Architecture (1999) and the Golden medal of the Architecture that was granted to him by the Top Advice of the Architects’ Colleges of Spain in 2004.

In this writing, on the occasion of the Munibe Prize 1997, Luis Peña exposes projects constructed in that the conversion of sites remains clear of geografías and landscapes, urban or natural, in places with own meaning, across two topics that approached in repeated occasions along his career: the housing and the public space.

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