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1. 3. Olivier Martin-Gambier 2004 FLC-ADAGP
FLC-ADAGP | Photography: Olivier Martin-Gambier, 2004

A characteristic of the work of Le Corbusier is the univocal identity that presents his work. Still in spite of the permanent way changes of his statement, always it is possible to recognize the outline that does of his designs the support of the only event.

In this process, one of the most significant evolutions took place in incipient moments of his career, in the design of both houses in Auteuil’s neighborhood. This work expresses the architectural evolutionary, most significant development of his first years. The project exhibits the same purification of language expressed in his primitive purist works, but his contextura mutates to more complex great relations induced by operations of design that will be applied in a systematic or random way in later works.

The idea of coming out the cubism in a three-dimensional counterfoil that expresses the technical aesthetics, in the Maison La Roche turns out to be increased by the aptitude to articulate new volumetric resolutions. These spatial joints that nourish the quality of his architecture, conceive under a boss of theoretical reflections that they ensue from his own investigations imbued with historical and contemporary influences.

FLC-ADAGP | Fotografía Olivier Martin-Gambier, 2004
FLC-ADAGP | Photography: Olivier Martin-Gambier, 2004

The method applied to the functional resolution is revealed as one of these operations. Le Corbusier groups the program with an organic logic, where every place acquires his form and is grouped by the necessary correspondent, to reach a logical process of functionality. The environments have freedom to come out the geometry of the house, producing projections in the line of front that they are arranged by a regulatory tracing.

In the house La Roche, the succession to link of spaces is constructed under the concept of promenade, a strategy of tour that allows to reveal the different spatial qualities of the house. This walk begins in the foyer of access where it discovers functional new relations, traffics that cross the space and balconies that begin to show in different levels. It continues in ascent on the ramp of the room of paintings, which reproduces the curvature of the curved wall while it grants changeable images dominated by the light that enters from the top window. The walk culminates in the terrace garden, to reach conference towards the city.

In October, 1923, moments in which it was advancing in the design of both housings, Le Corbusier visits the gallery L’Effort Moderne where there is realized an exhibition of works of the group De Stijl. The discovery of the models of Van Doesburg and Van Eesteren produced to him a decisive influence that moved to the project. It modified the small vain ones of window that it had projected in constant openings, turning the surrounding one into a disposition of opaque and transparent planes. It puts in competition full walls and openings, making clash the cloths glazed in the edges of the walls or ceilings, to produce an effect of visual break of the angle.

3. Olivier Martin-Gambier 2004 FLC-ADAGP
FLC-ADAGP | Photography: Olivier Martin-Gambier, 2004

This conciliation of recognizable entities accents in the tests of polychromy.

Le Corbusier experiences the use of the “specific reactions of the color” to favor the reading waited on certain parts of a building”.

Tonal exercises organized to create tension between elements in the same space, to conceal the aesthetic properties of the materials under the color and to need the characteristics of the architectural form.

The tension between objected is different of the experimentations that Le Corbusier consumes in this work, an exercise seated in the relation between the elements of the architecture and the nature, which explores the opposition of textures and colors to promote both entities. The project not only supported the existing trees in the area, in addition I face the door of access to the house The Roche to one of them, doing that comes out the moment of step between the street and the house. This tree was removed in the years later and replaced by other one that was placed slightly displaced of the access, eluding the attributes proposed by the design.

The set of operations arranged by Le Corbusier in the Maison La Roche, it indicates an evolutionary milestone in his work, which crushes the language that characterized for centuries the domestic architecture to make concrete a perspicacious and full composition of spatial attributes.

FLC-ADAGP | Fotografía Olivier Martin-Gambier, 2004
FLC-ADAGP | Photograpy: Olivier Martin-Gambier, 2004

The same year, Le Corbusier was indicating that the architecture is plastic, it has unit of intention and sense of the relations, but in addition it has to establish touching relations. The qualities expressed in this work construct the sustenance of his words.

Marcelo Gardinetti. Architect
La Plata, Argentina. January 2016

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