The architecture from the interior, 1925-1937. Lilly Reich y Charlotte Perriand

In the agreements of the History of the Architecture, the principal works turn out to be always photographed from the exterior, and what happens in his interior is little treated or remains relegated to a secondary paper, as scene to show the design of furniture. This study directs his attention to the interior of the architecture in order to cover this emptiness. It penetrates into the relation that it is found between interior and exterior in the architecture of the period 1925-1937, into a moment into the one that produced to himself such a radical and absolute change that did not have precedents: the authentic transformation that began inside the architecture, from the conviction of which, as Corbusier said Him, ” the exterior is the result of the interior “.

Maria Melgarejo Belenguer is arquitecta for the ETSA of Valencia from 1990 and doctor for the ETSA of Barcelona from 2005. From 1995 she is a titular teacher of Plastic Arts and I design and at present project teacher in the School of Top Art of Design of Valencia, in the speciality of Design of Interiors. From 2005 she is an associate teacher of the Department of Architectural Composition of the ETSA of Valencia, theoretically of the Architecture.

Colección: arquia/tesis

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Theme: Design Interior

Year of Edition: 2011

Format: 22 x 24

Pages: 195

Language: Castilian

ISBN: 978-84-939409-1-1

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