I International Days on the Portuguese Hispanic Border and his Fortificaciones

Cause the conception and integral perception of the group of fortificaciones of the border like unitary system between Spain and Portugal. Between the intervinientes find  some that have developed paths tied to the group of the border and others with territorial or punctual specialisations in the same. In this second case pretends  show these experiences like elements of interest or extrapolables to the group of the territory.

These Days are headed to all the agents that participate in the processes of planning, management, conservation, recovery, study or analysis of the heritage constituted by the military architecture of the Portuguese Hispanic border, especially his fortificaciones, including Professional, Professors as well as Students of different branches of the knowledge with interest in these appearances:

• Politicians and municipal Technicians of enclaves of the Portuguese Hispanic border with responsibility in the management, conservation, planning of uses or recovery of the fortificaciones.

• Geógrafos With interest in territorial studies, planning of the territory, analysis of uses of the territory or forming of social structures, especially in the Portuguese Hispanic Line.

• Historians with interest in the analysis of processes of definition and construction of the border between Spain and Portugal, in all his slopes.

• Experts in Heritage with interest in the knowledge of the elements that integrate the military architecture of the border between Spain and Portugal, the management of the same and the interventions for his conservation.

• Architects and other professionals of the architecture and urbanismo with interest in the knowledge of models of management and planning urbanística of the heritage fortificado of the Portuguese Hispanic border as well as in tendencies and best practices of interventions.

• Specialists in Tourism and in the creation or management of cultural products tied to the historical heritage with interest in the development of initiatives in the fortificaciones of the Portuguese Hispanic border.

• Other professionals, associations and particular interested in the heritage fortificado of the border between Spain and Portugal and in the integral vision of the actions of his conservation, promotion and management.

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