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I believe that at this point the readers of this blog already you will know that the Government of Spain prepares a law (that of Professional Services, or LSP) that, among other things, it will allow the exercise of the architecture to the engineers.

( We finish of finding out that they postpone his approval: They prolong our agony).

The draft of this law wants to do patent that does not exist distinction between building, construction and architecture, and reasons that if an engineer can do a ship it has to be able to do a house.

An immediate doubt arises then: If an engineer is going to be able to do his and in addition it of the architect, whereas an architect will continue without being able to do it of the engineer, why to study Architecture?


Many lines of comments happen to me, but all of them have been much better developed by eloquent companions. So I throw for another site.

I have two children, and none of them is not remotely interested in being an architect. But, if the architecture had attracted them, what might say to them?, how would it advise them? Uf, difficult what.

The common sense says that to study architecture is useless, is an authentic loss of time.

But recollection my already distant career (I finished it in 1985) and me there come to the mind a few images, ideas and limp recollections:

a) Fullaondo telling us his trip to Finland with Moneo, to visit Alvar Aalto. They took to him a box of 12 bottles of Rioja. Them they drank from a sitting between the three. (Or between the four. Aalto was serving wine him to the ghost of his deceased wife was doing little, that had his chair, his plate, his cutlery, etc).

b) Oíza the glasses being raised to the forehead and counting itself for what house it had to be chaotic whereas the Airport of Cards had to be tidy, and representing his career with suitcases and his mother-in-law running behind him.

c) Aroca is telling us that The Incredible Diminishing Man be not to have afraid of the spider, since the section of his legs only had diminished to the square, whereas his weight had diminished to the bucket, for what it took a great aptitude to jump and escape as the stairs.

d) José María Rodríguez Ortiz, professor of Mechanics of the Soil, engineer of ways, aggrieved because his son had chosen to study architecture. Man of very thin and biting humor and of a marvellous cunning. Recollection that seeing in his class a few slides of one I restate of shoes in a bedaubed area desire entered me major of constructing, of muffling myself in the mud, which I have had in my life. It was a moment epifánico. Some years later I have made many replant you in mud, in dry powder, in terragueros diverse, and it is not so exciting.

e) Julián, that of the bar, and his sándwiches of pickle (and naturally, his thorns of tortilla).

f) The game of the peseta, in the tables of the mentioned bar, and the game of the bean, in some empty class of above.

g) My friend Emilio García Alonso, and so many discussions. (Mythical between us) on which it was going to be our future. I saw it very easy: To put a label in the portal of my house (that of my parents) and to start receiving orders. (Curiously it was like that, but without label).

h) Discussions in the bar, with Emilio, Paco, Iván, etc, on the plant of the Farnsworth House. “I there might not live”. “The whole world needs intimacy”. Etc.

i) Carvajal is correcting publicly a project of a pupil. (There seemed to me to be very cruel the beating that him stuck, and that his teacher, who had proposed the work as worthily of magisterial alteration, was not throwing a hand). Also it was fantastic how it crumbled the function of the house and the location of the garage with regard to the principal door.

j) Corrales and Molezún in the Johnny, explaining the Pavilion of Brussels. “And it happened to us that the piece was solving the structure, the cover and the outlet at the same time. How is this, Ramon that it happened to us?” “And I what I know ” (Laughs of Molezún and of all the public). “I believe that we were going in the train and you left the umbrella in the seat”. And again, many years later, Corrals only (Molezún was already sick) it us turned it to explaining in the School, with a few enormous slides.

Corrales y Molezum, arquitectura

k) A teacher of Elements of Composition (it was the subject that was using as introduction to Projects, and the first time was given to me very badly) asking me such what was going in the theoretical ones (very well) and proposing to leave the career and to deal some engineering. I remember myself weeping in house for my veintipocos years.

l) Leon Krier (the architectural counselor of the Príncipe Carlos de Inglaterra) came to Madrid and said that Alvar Aalto and Carlo Scarpa were mediocre architects. The one that armed itself!

m) In the chair of Oak grove they put as exercise to do a house to Cela, and Cela comes  to explaining how it wanted it. Impossible to be present at his conference. Hundreds and hundreds of persons apretujándose.

n) The position of Cristina’s books, below, at the foot of the stairs, there in way, to the step.

ñ) To speak of Le Corbusier and of Frank Lloyd Wright for the elbows, up to with my girlfriend, who was studying Medicine. Opposing passions.

o) Moneo holding itself the forehead as if the head was hurting him very much, and speaking about the Ecstasy of Holy Teresa, of Bernini, with real effort.

p) Oíza (again) speaking about the Danish cutlery that was bought, and that was not working (because it was trying to eat Spanish food with her).

q) Free hens in class of Analysis of Forms, cagándose throughout, and the teachers saying to us that we should not draw to them, but to his spirit. (This of “painting the spirit of the hen” has been said very much in the school as if it was a legend, but I certify that it is rigorously true). To paint the fear, to paint a concert of rock. Not to understand anything.

r) My friend Carlos Gonzalez Tausz and I, bored in the class of Analysis. “What do we do?” “Do we stick in the field of rugby” “Ok”. We go down to the field, it gave to me a push and it me threw at the soil. It gave to me the laugh. He began on me and gave to us more laugh. “Does it cost you?” “Yes.I give up myself “. (What good it was drawing. What buck).

s) Not to have money in an expensive career. Calcar the trees, cars, etc, of letraset not to spend them.

t) To be going to the SIMO to begin the evening as an idiot because Rotring was giving you a pipe of carton and Roca an insole of sanitary devices. Not to come in time of the insole. Exhausted.

u) To adore Blade Runner because Frank Lloyd Wright’s house goes out.

v) To adore the song of Simón (with accent in her o) and Garfúnkel (with accent in her u) “So long, Frank Lloyd Wright”. To search as a species of transcendency in every thing. To be a fool. To be completely imbecile.

w) My first day in the school, to rise to the classrooms of drawing and to support Helena Higlesias´s terrible speech (I it is that always I him put many haches) saying to us that there were already too many architects, and that we should reconsider our mistake while we were in time. (Do not be what will think now).

x) Hours and hours, evenings and evenings, nights and nights drawing in the board. Tiny sight I had at the time. The put radio the whole day and the whole night (Antenna 3 I Remove: Supergarcía en la hora cero, Polvo de estrellas, Gomaespuma). Smoking and smoking. The ashtray slipping dangerously on the sloping board. The hair warming up in the flexo.

y) To remain without tobacco at two o’clock in the morning. To smoke the stubs. To remain without stubs. To go out to the street at four o’clock. Not to find another thing that a room of holidays / puticlub. To buy a packet of duchies. To know that everything was a mistake.

z) To suffer intensely and to enjoy furthermore intensely. (And it that, I do not know for what strange fluke, I had to do a model ever).

The alphabet was ended. It costs. They have been going out for me of traversed, without order or concert, and if there were more letters it would continue counting batallitas. But, definitively, what do we say to our children? (Or to our brothers: This blog has readers of an insulting youth).

Since we return initially: If we are sensible, and they also are, we must them advise to choose an engineering. The careers of engineering are hard, but they compensate with a very serious and very solvent formation, which serves to do of everything.

I believe that it is what there should deal an intelligent, logical, sensible, reasonable, persevering and determined person. It is a great choice.

Only it would recommend to him architecture to an authentic goat. To a prostitute mad and ludicrous goat. To a being who was looking for a mad and illogical transcendency in the most bland things. To a flushed, fierce, hungry person. To the senseless one. To someone who, against any advice, against any economic trend, against all legal imperative, needed to be an architect, and he was dying for drawing beams in the air and treading on mud in a ditch, and wanted to marry two so unmarriageable things.

(Why will it be that, regardless, the notes of Selectivity demanded by the schools of architecture continue being the highest?).

I would recommend to him to study architecture to someone who did not need that it was recommended, to anybody to whom already quite it was importing a wild aramanth, to anybody who had jumped to the emptiness and was not afraid of the possible failures of his precarious parachute. To someone who, while it was falling to lead, was shouting that it had been worth it.

To someone whom it did not love too much (he would not support to see it to smash. The heart would crush). To someone, definitively, whom it could admire with all my soul.

José Ramón Hernández Correa · Doctor Architecto

Toledo · juny 2013

Nací en 1960. Arquitecto por la ETSAM, 1985. Doctor Arquitecto por la Universidad Politécnica, 1992. Soy, en el buen sentido de la palabra, bueno. Ahora estoy algo cansado, pero sigo atento y curioso.

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