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Now, when so many university Spanish graduates they are going to work out because they do not have another remedy, abundant news comes to us from that are well, even very well, accepted, for his high formation and efficiency. These are, at least, my news, in general terms. The university Spanish licentiates are considered to be out a good prepared and are accepted well in working places.

Now, well, how does one marry this with the news, so expensive to the Spanish press, of which our universities are bad, occupying in international rankings put very low? Are universities bad, but good the licentiates? Will not it be the opposite? If the licentiates are good are not universities good? Not another acid test that this one.

Spain, as other Latin countries (Portugal, Italy…) it has done mostly a great social revolution by means of the universities. Our countries, economically bad, have multiplied, nevertheless, the knowledge, and have done that the leader classes (this is, which occupy the administration, the company, the institutions) are today in measured enough proceeding from the middle class, average – fall and up to fall. In this, Spain at least, it has changed completely. Have many university students it will be neither economic nor functional, but the culture raises and to know of the citizens and revolutionizes the composition of the company.

Different they are the northern countries, the German ones and the Anglo-Saxons, where, unlike what it is said, there has been stopped the access of the citizens to the university and, this way, to the high knowledge. In the northern countries the brake is a strict selectivity, with ” numerus clausus ” very tight. In Germany it is a mixed thing, selectivity and money. In The United States and England, simpler: the money like principal selection. The certain thing is that the western and northern countries, so narcissists and so prestigious, have put a hard boot against the face of the middle classes, averages – falls and falls, forcing them to remain in his social origin and allowing that only the rich ones (many of them mostly thieves) purify with the university his often unmentionable origins.

We have many university students, they cost us of little. But, for fortune, they can emigar to countries that, as England or Germany, sufficient doctors or engineers do not produce and have that to ask for them him to the countries PIGS, this is to Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece, which they are corrupt and poor countries, but, looks you, not so bad in the knowledge. The so called good countries have badly the Universities organized and do not have sufficient graduates: this is, they have money and industry, but, actually, very little knowledge. Only they know that one with what they can sell.

We will continue being bad countries, insurance. But we will contribute enormously to the improvement of the knowledge in the world. I am an architect and because of it I know that in the world, in general, it will improve very much the architecture, because they will go (many young Spanish architects have been going) to work out.

The Spanish licentiates are very good and very well accepted. Because the Spanish Universities are good and efficient. They have could educate well to popular masses. Probably this serves for little, but like that it is.

Antonio González-Capitel Martínez · Doctor arquitecto · professor in ETSAM

Madrid · july 2013

Antón Capitel

Es arquitecto y catedrático de Proyectos de la Escuela de Arquitectura de Madrid, fue director de la revista Arquitectura (COAM) de 1981-86 y de 2001-09. Historiador, ensayista y crítico, ha publicado numerosos artículos en revistas españolas y extranjeras sobre arquitectura española e internacional. Entre sus libros destacan diferentes monografías sobre arquitectos.

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