Elementary. Manual of incremental housing and participative design

Elemental begins in 2000, when Andrew Iacobelli (1969), Paul Allard (1969) and Alejandro Aravena (1967) are known in Harvard University and decided to do “something” to improve the standard of social housing in Chile. That “something” has been converted over the years into one of the most active and influential offices throughout Latin America.

One of the great achievements of Elemental has been to return the social housing problem to the forefront of current architecture, seeing it as a contemporary professional challenge. Both professional and pedagogical works they have developed have allowed reformulating the conditions of housing policies in their country, involving the international context.


David H. Falagán

Elemental. Elementary. Manual of incremental housing and participative design
Alejandro Aravena, Andrés Iacobelli
Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2012

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