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There takes the decision to lean the medical consultations to both fronts, liberating the central space, where the common services are located inside a box of light that contributes luminosity to the zones of traffic. They confirm both constructive systems used in the closings: the traditional one lined with black, heavy and dark marble in opposition to the light partitions based on glass that they allow that the natural light should penetrate up to the interior of the place. They are constructed by a system modulated based on glass pieces and amounts of wood. The used materials contribute an interesting game of textures and reflections, with a confrontation of transparencies and opaquenesses in which they confirm the cold of the glass and the marble with the warmth of the wood.

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The medical doctor’s office Sendagrup is born with the aim to be established as clinic of reference both by the qualification of his professionals and by the quality in the attention to the patient. His organization is based on the priorización of the teamwork. And it uses as point of item and determines the own structure, organization and exposition of the project.

The medical consultations are leaned to the main faces, liberating the central space where the common services are located inside a box of light, contributing to the zones of traffic a sensation of luminosity. The project of lighting appears so that the natural light and the artificial one are founded on one, bathing the whole place. The zones of wait are opened for the spaces of traffic, favoring the orientation of the users and contributing a great sensation of extent. All this facilitates the interrelationship between the own professionals, propitiating the teamwork.

They confirm both constructive used systems. In the front northwest, there is in use a traditional closing lined with black marble, is a heavy and dark wall. In the south-east, more luminous front, light closings are used based on glass and wood that they allow that the natural light should penetrate up to the interior.

The light partitions are constructed by a mixed system, by pieces of glass and amounts of wood. It is totally modulated, entire pieces being used always, simplifying and saving time in the assembly. The wood uses as fundamental element of the own constructive system. In his exterior face, the amounts of wood serve to shape the hollows of step and to give stability to the glass pieces. In his interior face, they serve as support of the different wall cladding.

Inside the box of services, the closing of structural glass trasdosa to allow the step of facilities. Nevertheless, in the medical consultations a double closing of glass is used in the shape of chamber, which assures the acoustic isolation. To guarantee the visual privacy in the consultations, his interior stuffs itself with panels of wood that offer a contrast of transparencies and opaquenesses for his exterior face.

Work: Sendagrup Clinic
Author: PAUZARQ arquitectos (Felipe Aurtenetxe y Elena Usabiaga)
Year: 2014
Area: 556 m2
Location: Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain
Promoter: Sendagrup Médicos Asociados
Contractor: Probiak S.L.
Consulting lighting: Susaeta Iluminación
Photography: Xabier Aldazabal

– Finalist COAVN Awards 2016
– CATALOGADO Arquia/Próxima 2016

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