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The Centre of Cración of Circus of Barcelona forms part of the program “Factories of Creation”, managed by the Institute of Culture of Barcelona, that has like aim rehabilitate spaces fabriles or into disuse of the city and transform them in spaces of creation of the distinct artistic disciplines. The Centre is situated under the big photovoltaic plate of the Park of the Fórum, in a ship semienterrada known like Ship Grotto, that has his main access in front of the sea and that little by little  adentra under the Park, with a total length of more than 130 metres.

The objectivo main of the project is to look for the natural sunlight and drive it to the main spaces of work. This achieves  thanks to some inner closings of polycarbonate translúcido, that tamizan the natural sunlight and contribute privacy, at the same time that generate spaces lighter and luminous. Another of the aims of the Centre is that his inner image favour the concentration, the neutrality and the silence. For this build  white spaces, smooth and with a light controlled, spaces with a neutral architectural image, that do not alter the processes of creation. At the same time, it looks for  keep the industrial image, of “Factory of Creation”. Exteriormente, the Centre wants to remember to the carps of circus, contributing colour and life to the Fórum, and leaving clear that the Circus does not leave to be a Show.

From the point of view of the program, the building, with a total surface of 3.500m2, divides  in three big blocks: Room of Training, Rooms of Creation and Room of Staged. These three spaces occupy the whole of the height of the ship, 9.50m, optimum height to develop the distinct disciplines of circus. Surrounding the rooms quoted previously, builds  an altillo of 650m2 that divides the height of the ship in two, and in which they situate  those pieces of the program that do not need so much height: offices, a polyvalent room, areas of rest, changing rooms, camerinos, aseos, warehouses, venues of installations ….

The circulations of the users produce  by runways translúcidas, that accompany to the artist from the access until the final stretch of the building without interfering in the concentration of the spaces of creation, essay and training. Finally, with the end to endow the spaces of the necessary technical infrastructure for the realisation of the different disciplines of circus with the maximum guarantees of security and flexibility, the project includes three-dimensional structures that serve of anchorage in walls and ceilings.

Work: Centre of Creation of Circus of Barcelona

Authors:Xavier Ruscalleda+Marta Lorenzo [xxm_arquitectura]

Location: Park of the Fórum of Barcelona_Catalonia_Spain

Promoter: Instituto de Cultura_Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

Collaborators: Cèntric_arquitectura técnica, MP3_arquitectura y estructuras, Servicios Técnicos del Departamento de Urbanismo

Year: 2008-2011

Photographies: xxm_arquitectura

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