Prefabricated classrooms: The ideal alternative for the schools

Aulas prefabricadas La alternativa ideal para las escuelas algeco o1

With the increase of the school demand and the insufficiency of space to shelter her, the schools have decided to find rapid, effective and sure alternatives, for what in building it refers. The modular architecture has turned out to be the perfect alternative to give solution to this problematics in many sectors as the managerial one, the logistic one, the sanitary one or the educational one.

Emphasizing in the latter, every beginning of the school year appears with certain problematic since it can be the location and pupils’ capacity for classroom and school. Nevertheless, the use of alternatives is stimulated as the modular spaces that settle this type of problems opposite to this problematics.

The temporary use, the easy installation and the resolution of needs to the lack of spaces for the facilities of public colleges, have done that the modular construction is the best alternative to the traditional one and to cover his desires and needs.

Companies specialized in this type of construction, since he can be Algeco, give content to a new vision, opposite to the traditional one.


Algeco Algeco da solución a los espacios educativos frente a la demanda escolar en Barcelona.

Algeco and the Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona have worked together to collaborate in the incorporation of the modular buildings in four downtowns of Barcelona to give more fitted to the school demand.

One of these advantages of this type of modular construction centres on the immediate and rapid solution to the school demand, and the great capacity on changes for the facilities throughout the years and the versatility on his use, already be in relocations or extensions, for example. Thing that in the traditional constructions is very difficult to realize it.

Other one of the motives that reaffirm this type of buildings due to the fact that they are of easy installation and allow to reduce both the run-time and the budget item.


The educational centers and his prefabricated facilities.

Some of the schools that have decided to implement these facilities are:

Entenca School (Eixample)

It is an extension of the center in two independent buildings constructed in different phases without interrupting the use of the college.

The first phase, it is a building in two heights of 36 modules in total. On the other hand, the second phase (developed summer of the course 2017/2018) a building in a plant of 10 modules

La Sagrera School (Sant Andreu)

The extension of this school consists of two independent buildings of a plant and with 18 modules each one. This type of work shelters all kinds of classrooms and educational spaces.

La Llacuna de Poblenou School (Sant Martí)

The Llacuna de Poblenou school has been employed a building at a plant of 18 modules (on september, 2016), the second building similar to the previous one (on november, 2016) and exchange of uses between both buildings with modifications at the interior tabiquería (forecast of accomplishment on September, 2017).

Maria Espinalt Institue (Sant Martí)

The Maria Espinalt Institute has been employed at an extension based on two independent buildings executed in 2 phases.

The first one in a building in two plants of 40 modules, realized on september, 2016. Whereas the second phase, with a future idea of development next September of the same year, in which one will give step to the second building of an alone plant of 20 modules.


The summit of the modular construction, his quality and versatility has led to exporting and implementing this type of solutions to other countries and situations as New Zealand.

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