Spanish architects of the 20th century

On the occasion of the X Semana of the Architecture of Madrid (September 30 – October 7), the National Library of Spain will inaugurate on October 1 an exhibition in which there will be able to be contemplated a selection of his better drawings of architecture of last century.

Secundino Peaceful Zuazo Ugalde, Fronton Type of lantern in the foyers of revenue, Madrid, 1935. BNE DIBZ0580083 |

This exhibition presents planes proceeding from the studies of seventeen Spanish active architects during the 20th century. Received all of them for donation, today form a part of the bottom of drawings architectures and ornamentation with the one that counts the Department of Fine arts and Cartography.

The most important donations include more than 7.000 Secundino Zuazo’s drawings Ugalde and a significant sample of Antonio Fernandez Alba’s work, thanks to which they have deposited also in the National Library the drawings of other important architects.

Since complement of the exhibition has programmed a cycle of conferences that claims the transcendency of the drawing architecture as an end in yes same, beyond his instrumental function. In this frame, different specialists, as Javier Ortega Vidal, Manuel Blanco Lage, Alberto Sanz and Isabel García Toraño will analyze the problematics that there contain the conservation and diffusion of these materials from the points of view of the archivística and the museología.

This cycle opened the general public, is offered also extended by visits guided to institutions receptoras of planes of architect’s offices as formative activity of free choice that will be recognized by the concession of a credit ECTS for students of different qualifications.

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