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This workshop on revestimentos constitutes the second one of a series of specific courses that we are activating from Social Habitat, and that are orientated to the recovery and diffusion of natural traditional technologies (straw, adobe, vegetable covers, etc.). It is a question of systems experienced with a long path (not always place) that in the last decades were displaced by other manufacturers, more suppose an expensive option of future a sustainable building.

In case of this workshop we will go deeply into the knowledge of the revestimentos of mud and of the natural paintings, (silicates, vegetable resins, etc.), matters all of them of local origin, renewable, with interesting qualities, which demand few transformation, and that for different interests and inertias they do not occupy the place that they deserve inside the habitual technologies. Well in interiors or exteriors, in new work or rehabilitation, in application for professionals or for autoconstrutores, these revestimentos are an alternative white of egg to cements, plasters, synthetic resins, etc.

Directed professionals of the sector of the construction (technical personnel, students, workers) and autoconstrutores, the workshop is opened the public in general, since previous experience is not needed. It will be constructed in two modules that can be dealed it combines or independentemente: the first one centred in revocos of mud that includes also an approximation to the lime, and other one later dedicated to the natural paintings. In both the theory and the practice is combined, and didactic material is contributed.

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