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Opposition of the dihedral one to the trihedral one, Jorge Oteiza

Thinking, to propose, to decide the architecture depends on many variables.

And very tiny, the strategy chosen to carry out a project is in yes a project. An intention.

It turns out to be so immediate as common to recognize the world of the previous information as a compendium of elements that added give like proved the terms of reference of the problem. That is precise to understand, to analyze and to synthesize.

Questions like the emplacement, the functional program, or the relative size are normally objective information.

And as such, they place in a successive addend that includes everything of the problem.

The aim is, habitually, to be capable of handling a result that comes from a sumatorio controlled of mysteries.

It is for it that, also in an immediate way, the projects of architecture turn, almost always, in how acting by means of additions of elements. By means of sets added of information. In offers in which the basic thing is to find the manners of joining, bordering and separating.

But as in any process of search often it is more important to recognize what must not do before that to choose the solution, we can manage to understand that opposite to a set been ordained as objective information we can propose to operate ourselves by means of the subtraction of possibilities more than with the sum of expectations.

That is to say, we can divide of glimpsing global entities with which to act by means of the subtraction of irrelevant or secondary elements.

Admitting that the way towards the attainment of a result is indeterminate and that such a capable possibility or more than her “putting” is her of “removing”.

The abstract and subjective thing they are imposed always. Because they are, somehow, the tools that make the attainment of the architecture possible. And it is in this moment when forehead is something that we have could “clean” by means of the selective subtraction it becomes more interesting.

It is at the time when the great one promotes completely opposite to the parts sublies. Cleared of incidental the “abundance” concludes more intense thanks to the opportunity of the “emptiness”.

It supposes, in sum (or better ” in subtraction “), looking in the resignation for the force.

Sergio de Miguel, architect
Madrid, february 2010

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