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That a teacher is the author of the building where it gives his teaching it is a luck for the pupils, as for the inspiration and motivation for the nearness of the author, and probably a risk for the teacher, submitted constant to critique on, as minimum, the suitable functioning of the building.

This possibility did not intimidate the project teacher Joao Ventura Trindade, (Ventura Trindade Arquitectos), that together with Inés Lobo, they turned out to be winners of the contest of ideas to turn the Dos Leões Factory in Évora into the Architecture School in the city into the year 2007, into a process difficult and very fitted in program, budget and period, with consequences that still today torment the own Ventura Trinidade when it refers to a stairs in concrete which execution did not satisfy completely his expectations.

Restructuring “Dos Leões Factory” in Architecture School in Évora [Ventura Trindade Arquitectos + Inês Lobo Arquitectos] | Phootography: André Carvalho

Our Portuguese brothers, silently, since always, valuing so much the context, supported the former almost intact volumes of the factory. Between them stands out the group of silos that a thick tower forms as milestone in height emphasized. The court of operations, very degraded, turns into a green tapestry, like the Anglo-Saxon campuses, relation and rest.

It surprises the magnificent cold, attractive and smooth skin, which crosses the new added piece, like industrial shed, drawing a section to two waters, where the context pliega to the contemporaneousness of an unexpected, more own material probably of Central European architectures.

On the contrary, the awaited warmth of some materials as the wood, appears in the interiors, where the only module of plywood economizes and resolves combining in a great number of racks and movably for the library that there does not forget to accommodate to his users in chairs model Arne Jacobsen’s “Ant”.

Joao Ventura Trindade gained little later in the year 2009 the prize FAD with another magnificent building: L’Estacao Biológica do Garducho in Mourau, also in Portugal. Of all this we returned to have news in the last edition of Rehabilita2012 celebrated in Plasencia, which directs accurately, firmness and enormous intellectual curiosity Roberto Rubiolo. Ventura Trindade, together with his colleagues also teachers in Évora, Joao Nasi, former collaborator of Álvaro Siza, and the from Badajoz Daniel Jiménez, who presented a meticulous, strong and generous work with the ” Soils and skies of Badajoz “, gave us an unforgettable evening, which spread until the dawn.

It suits to speak probably about the persons, so much like about the architecture, since this one we can visit or see her in photographies, even read commented, but share with them, between gin-tonics, next to the Palacio de Carvajal Giron, in the pub Eivissa of the flirtatious Extremaduran city, his enormous bonhomie and simplicity, is something that it overcomes, still being the enormous task, the kindness and beauty of his architecture.

Text by bRijUNi arquitectos: Beatriz Villanueva Cajide – architect and Master in Architectural Advanced Projects (ETSA Madrid) – and Francisco Javier Casas Cobo – architect and Master theoretically, Analysis and History of the Architecture (ETSA Madrid).

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Beatriz Villanueva es Doctora arquitecta en Proyectos arquitectónicos avanzados, Máster en Arquitectura, Master en Proyectos Arquitectónicos Avanzados por la Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid y Máster en Gestión de Espacios Virtuales por la Fundación Camuñas, Escuela de Arquitectura del C.E.U., Madrid..

Francisco J. Casas es Arquitecto, Master en Análisis, Teoría e Historia de la Arquitectura y PhD (ABD) con su tesis “Fundamentos Historiográficos, Teóricos y Críticos de los años 50” dentro del Departamento de Composición Arquitectónica (ETSAM).

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