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This building places inside the archaeological park of the cave art, receives explanatory spaces opened the public and others of investigation of specialized use.

It is placed to the south of the archaeological area, and forms with her an unitary project of intervention in the landscape directed to the recovery of the whole area and to the comprehension of the symbolic relation and topológica of the groups of burdened with the territory in which they are located.

The Center appears as an anteroom of the archaeological park, which prepares the visitor for the tour for this one, not only by means of the contents of the program museístico but also with the creation of a space that he contributes that the visit is an event on which the cultural and playful aspects are founded with the existential ones, intensifying the perception.

One accedes to the building across a great covered portico formed as a space of receipt and hopes that it articulates it functionally: towards the side west the spaces of cafeteria and shop, towards the this side the spaces of exhibitions, semiburied with regard to the exterior level of the soil.

On them there place the areas of administration and documentation, which will have a more restricted and specialized use. From the great opened portico there departs the network of paths that leads to the different groups of burdened cave.

The exterior aspect of the building, covered with slabs of granite that are overlapped in order that the water of the rain passes on them, is that of a great rock that emerges of the area, his silhouette gets lost between the trees, though it is watched slightly from another side of the valley.

His geometry does not create exterior spaces, beyond the spaces of parking, remote and depressed with regard to the level of the soil to conceal the cars, the exterior is the natural space with his microcosm of vegetation and animal life.

In the interior, the visitor who crosses the showrooms takes the light as the only reference of the exterior penumbrosa and the sounds that come to him from the big hollows opened in the ceiling, the sounds of the rain or of the wind in the trees, of the birds and the insects in summer.

The tenuous interior light helps to promote those sensations more auditory and tactile that visual, that send us to forms of perception nearer to the persons who were living the place it does thousands of years: sensations as the movement of the air, the textures of the materials, the sonority, the slight inclination of the soil in the areas of receipt, will help us acquaint with the world that the explanatory tour tries to explain.

Work: Park and Interpretation of the Cave Art Center

Location: Campo Lameiro, Pontevedra. Galicia. Spain

Author: RVR Arquitectos (Alberto Redondo+José Valladares+Marcial Rodríguez)

Year: Project: 2002/04. Construction: 2005-2009

Report: RVR Arquitectos

Photography: Aitor Muñoz | Tono Mejuto | Héctor Santos-Díez | BISimages | RVR Arquitectos



ENOR Galicia Award 2011

The first prize of contest of ideas.


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