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Los fragmentos de la imagen que ilustra el post se corresponden a la portada de la revista BAU, nº 1-2 de 1968 donde Hans Hollein publicó el famoso manifiesto ALLES IST ARCHITEKTURE
The fragments of the image that the post illustrates correspond to the front page of the magazine BAU, n º 1-2 of 1968 where Hans Hollein published the famous manifest ALLES IST ARCHITEKTURE

Demonstrate for a new clinical reason in the architecture.1 

We are installed in a time disgregado, opened to multiple interpretations of the reality.

We advance helter-skelter between infinite clouds of information banalizada and by excess and exuberance, are unable to detect the limits, the solapamientos, the densities and the specific weights of the real.

We live in an antiarchitectural world.

However we have to us cost of this nutritional magma of events, events and frantic activity to conquer the minimum space of lucidez from where do architecture.

Our task keeps on being the same that the one of our ancient modern, crystallise, catalizar in an only possible architecture the reading that do of the world.

It is here where resides the contradiction.

The more atmospheric it is the world, major quota of architecture demands the context from us.

It is for it that it is necessary to propose an ethical reformulation of our commitment with our equal ones across the architecture, is for it that it is necessary to reactivate our privileged look on the diffuse environment, is for it it is necessary to affirm that in these funny times our architecture must be structured in the forcefulness.

The architecture continues being necessary, fundamental, constituent.

Towards an architecture of the forceful thing, of the commitment with the demanding decisions, of the determined action and the brave verb, towards an architecture of the conceptual grammar, of the powerful thought, an architecture centred on an environment,

a work camp linked to the indetermination as topic and to the intellectual abstraction like strategy..1

An emotional, relational and even visceral architecture. Towards an architecture capable of combining the reason and the emotion without conditions or resignations.

It is necessary to re-optimize the architecture in order that it continues giving a complete service to our time.

Not to resign the sense of the architecture, the value of the architectural thing as structure and I base where one agrees any activity, not to shelter in the incidental graciosismo as route of leak before the difficulty of supporting a minimal level of brilliancy, not espectacularizar our ignorance by means of useless sceneries implanted indifferently the notion of the urban thing, not to yield itself to the silly facility of not objecting resistance and to be left to rock for the weak thought.

Not to finish in the trite refuge of the architecture taxidérmica, not in the false mulberry tree of an architecture with very much narrative space and little royal space.

Towards an architecture of the articulated thing, the united, the functional complex thing opposite to the useless simple thing. Towards an architecture involved in the social thing as interactive, the cultural thing as substratum, the economic thing as engine, the political thing like reason and the technological thing as operative.

Towards a lucid architecture, that not necessarily optimistic nor pessimistic, trusting that not necessarily sold not bought, loudly always loudly.

We must resume the critical culture of the architecture though only it is for ethical survival. The model of resistance to take again to the present, to acquire the necessary force of rubbing that does that the pressures of the reality acquire consistency and sense.

East and not other one, it is the end of the architecture.

The architecture, now, must be more imagined, and more royal than never.

The architecture, now, must be a clinic, not more cynical architecture, neither for excess nor for fault.

It is necessary to find a new clinical reason for the architecture.

Miquel Lacasta. PhD architect
Barcelona, july 2012


We live times through more of manifestations that of manifests, nevertheless before the necessary summer pause, I would like to end the season with a manifest product of reflections accumulated in the time. More of palimpsest has that of properly manifest, but it stays for the intimacy.d.

I want to be grateful for all the persons who read axonométrica, of that me it is clear that some sound, for my surprise, assiduous. Frankly it thrills me.

And I cannot finish without producing an honoring to Nikki de Saint Phalle, which simultaneously to the appearance of this blog, has turned into a stimulant obsession, an illuminated inspiration and an example of sensibility of which I still have great for learning. I continue studying it held up and suppose that some day I will write of it.

Good Summer!!!

It is not orthodox to mention in a manifest, nevertheless I find this Josep LLuís Mateo‘s phrase a brilliant summary of an attitude before the fact proyectual.

Es cofundador en ARCHIKUBIK y también en @kubik – espacio multidisciplinario. Obtuvo un Ph.D. con honores (cum laude) en ESARQ Universitat Internacional de Catalunya UIC y también fue galardonado con el premio especial Ph.D (UIC 2012), M.arch en ESARQ Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, y se graduó como arquitecto en ETSAB Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya . Miquel es profesor asociado en ESARQ desde 1996. Anteriormente, fue profesor en Elisava y Escola LAI, y también en programas de postgrado en ETSAB y La Salle. Fue arquitecto en la oficina de Manuel Brullet desde 1989 desde 1995.


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