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The student of architecture Ivan Ilich Leonidov did the most famous final project of career of the history. So much it is so it appears in any History of the Modern Architecture that boasts.

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The Institute Lenin shows how a boy who is finishing his studies is capable of solving with a blow of genius the eternal programmatical disagreements between both architectural modern principal currents in the USSR: the ASNOVA and IT her DARES. The most formal first and plastic age, and second the most functional and ideological. Leonidov’s extraordinary project is a powerful formal work, and at the same time he proposes a solid and exact program.

His teacher Alexander Vesnin, one of the gods (with his brother Leonid) of the modern architecture, concentrated on the young person and one took it to his study in the air. A project end of career is a school exercise that is not called to be constructed. What the brilliant Leonidov did not know then is that there was never going to be constructed any of his magnificent projects.


José Ramón Hernández Correa

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