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Hispalyt, Spanish Association of brick and clay clay manufacturers, has been present at Barcelona Building Construmat (BBConstrumat 2019) the PIM Hispalyt Tool, an application (Add-in) for Revit, which allows the prescriber to choose the optimal ceramic construction systems for your project, based on the technical performance of the same and the requirements of the Technical Building Code. Once the optimal solution has been selected, the Add-in allows you to incorporate it into the BIM model, replacing it with another of the project or modeling a new one. This application was selected as a finalist for the BBConstrumat Awards in the category of “Innovative project or service”.

In Spain, according to the data presented during the European Bim Summit of 2019, one out of every two public tenders already requires some use of the BIM. This is confirmed by the latest study prepared by the Observatory es.BIM of Tenders, according to which in the execution phase the number of tenders in which the use of BIM is required, increased almost double in 2018, both in construction and infrastructure. And it is expected that these figures will continue to increase in the future, as evidenced by the creation last December of the Interministerial Commission for the Implementation of the BIM Methodology in public procurement.


In this context, the Hispalyt PIM tool has been conceived as a very useful aid for the designer who wants to work with ceramic solutions in a BIM environment. In addition, from this tool the BIM Hispalyt building is accessed, which allows to see in a real and practical way the integration of the ceramic solutions of Hispalyt in an architectural project in BIM. The application can be downloaded soon and free of charge from the Hispalyt website, where at the moment you can find the Hispalyt BIM ceramic objects and solutions library.

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