Havana 7. Histories that count. Big Histories of the Radio

Next November 24, it is inaugurated in inaugurates Rialto Theatre in Madrid, the third season of “Havana 7. Historias que cuentan”, where the big ones of the radio will be honoured. Andrés Aberasturi, Juan Ramón Lucas, Pepa Fernández and Juan Luis Cano (Gomaespuma), with Javier Gallego (Carne Cruda) like moderator will be the figures with that we cross his extensive career, and will tell us Big Histories of the Radio.

“Havana 7. Historias que cuentan”, an initiative of the rum Havana Club 7 Years that there offers to us the opportunity to know the exciting experiences of the best professionals of the Journalism and the Culture, counted by them themselves in big events and in videoes online, and that includes a collection of photographic portraits of all these big names, between which there are included Javier Bauluz, Diego Manrique, Carlos Boyero, Galician and King, Antoni Daimiel, Hernán Zin, Sebastián Álvaro or Javier Reverte.”

Also the twentieth anniversary of Radio will celebrate 5 Quite You Notify, a small recognition of this long-lived program of radio. Chema Forte, the director of the issuer, will play the role of a teacher of ceremony and will project a small documentary realized for the occasion.

During the audio-visual projections, it will be enjoyed the dinner and a band of jazz will provide environment to the ceremony.

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