Freepik: the seeker of graphical free resources

Freepik is a seeker of graphical free resources who helps graphical and web designers to locate images of high quality, vectors, icons, illustrations and PSD for his creative projects.

It is a question of a practical tool that it traces and locates free content in Internet and shows all the results of tidy and unified form. In addition it possesses a great quantity of own, content exclusive and free, designed by the equipment of Freepik and updated every day.

Freepik does that it is easier for you to find the files that he needs without having to look manually for dozens of web sites.

How does it work?

Freepik’s robot visits hundreds of web sites in search of graphical free resources, checks the content of these sites and selects the qualit resources. Meanwhile, the designers of Freepik work to create incredible designs own. And later an algorithm mixes everything, determines the value of the resources and classifies the results on the basis of certain criteria of quality and relevancy.

Why is it free?

I work hard in Freepik persons do not do it, but it is the robot who searches in Internet, keeping the database updated at all time.

In addition as soon as the user has found the necessary files, he is forwarded to the web where the recursos is lodged, insuring itself this way that the creator also is of benefit.

Freepik’s aim is to turn into an important source of graphical free material and an indispensable tool for designers. As soon as the user has found what needs this one it is forwarded to the web that contains the original file benefiting this way to the sites suppliers where the files are lodged.

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