Domènech i Montaner, a polyhedral architect


Lluís Domènech i Montaner was a Catalan modernist architect able to build a hotel as a half football field in 83 days. Author of the Palau de la Música and Hosp. of St. Pau two buildings declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Lluís Doménech i Montaner is another of the main protagonists of Catalan modernism. Born in Barcelona in 1850 and since his youth showed great interest in architecture. He devoted much of his life to politics and collaborated with the newspaper “La Reinaxença”.

In Doménech i Montaner you can see the transition from eclectic architecture to modernism. Its production can be divided into two periods, which revolve around 1900. The first includes juvenile works and other experiences that will lead to the second stage, considered as full maturity.

Its buildings are characterized by the combination of constructive rationalism with ornamentation inspired by Hispano-Arabic architecture and the curvilinear lines typical of modernism. Unlike other architects of modernism, Domènech tended over time to make lighter buildings, eliminating material in the structures but maintaining the ornamentation as an element of first order. He counted for it with the collaboration of diverse specialists in the different arts, architects, sculptors and craftsmen.

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