Colección Documentos de Reflexión Urbanística [DRU 6]

Juan Luis Dalda, European Prize of Urbanism for the Plan of Protection and Rehabilitation of the historical from Santiago de Compostela hull in 1998, and author of the general plans of Oleiros and Ferrol, was preparing his classes with real dedication. A publication gathers examples of his neat way of giving the teaching in the school coruñesa: the volume number six of the collection of Documents of Urban development Reflection (DRU) constitutes an honoring Dalda, which from 1977 gave lessons in Architecture, first of Aesthetics and later of Planning. The publication assembles a material of usefulness both for teachers and for pupils and interested parties in urban development questions that it has been compiled by Javier Harguindey, teacher and disciple of Dalda.

” What more I am sorry of going away now is not to be able to reach the wisdom that gives the oldness to be able to continue sharing learning with my pupils “, Juan Luis Dalda was complaining little before his facecimiento.

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