Nycander House. Alfredo Baertl Montori | Fernando Freire Forga

Nycander House. Alfredo Baertl Montori. Miraflores, Lima. 1957

In a regular area of 1250 m2 (25 m. Abreast for 50 m. Of bottom) and between dividing, the spatial distribution of the house Nycander is solved dividing the lot in 2 big gardens or opened spaces: a zone opened in the front (presenting the access) and the great later garden. This housing possesses 3 levels: Semibasement, where it is the garage and the quarters of machines; in the Ground floor they find the social areas, the bedrooms and the zone of service and in the high Plant the study is located. The spaces of the housing are organized about small courts that allow a suitable ventilation and lighting. The detail in the finished ones is finely worn out, the coatings stones were designed by the architect Baertl and his friend Pedro Roselló. In the general coatings of the housing can be observed also the use of the wood and the marble.

Exterior. Nycander House. Alfredo Baertl Montori. Miraflores, Lima. 1957 | Fernando Freire Forga


In terms of comfort and functionality, all the environments of the house were designed to taste of the client: The kitchen possesses a contiguous environment subdivided in two chambers of refrigeration, which are refreshed by the equipments located in the semibasement. To one of the sides of the room an aviary was conditioned by an audio system that allows to listen to the singing of the birds in all the interior environments of the housing. A part of the floor of the room is of transparent glass, which allows to observe the reservoir – aquarium that enters from the terrace.

As result of the volumetric studies for the city of Lima, the architect Baertl proposes to paint color ocher the level sky of demolished. According to words of the architect:

“Lima is a city that is characterized for having a cloudy or gray sky during the majority of the days of the year, is for this motive that I started painting the level sky of demolished, in search of obtaining an effect that it was simulating to the shades produced by the Sun, obtaining a volumetric contrast. Later I will paint these surfaces of blue color, achieving a similar effect and adding the absent color of the of Lima sky”.

Alfredo Baertl Montori

Fernando Freire Forga · Doctor Architect

Lima · october 2012 · Author of the Blog La Forma Moderna en Latinoamérica


The Summary of the House Nycander could carry out thanks to the gentility of Ms Liliana Zeni, current owner.

Fernando Freire Forga

Fernando Freire Forga nace en Lima el 21 de marzo de 1977. Entre los años 1994 y 2000 realiza estudios de arquitectura en la Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas en la misma ciudad. En 1999 obtiene el primer premio en el Concurso a nivel nacional organizado por PROCOBRE-PERÚ con la tesis: Edificio Automatizado de Oficinas: “Usos del Cobre en la Arquitectura”.

Ha realizado estudios de Doctorado sobre Arquitectura Moderna en la ETSAB, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona en la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, España. Actualmente , se encuentra inmerso en el desarrollo de trabajos de recopilación e investigación de Arquitectura Moderna en el Perú. Es docente de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú y se desenvuelve como proyectista de manera independiente.

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