Cartas Shanghainesas

Cartas Shanghainesas forms a part of the collection unodecien of the publishing house Lugadero. Every copy is numbered and signed by his author, turning into the literary only object. Cartas Shanghainesas it is the adjournment to format I free of a blog written during a visit – drift across China during the summer of 2010 by José Pérez de Lama. The edition has trying to support the spontaneity and the own character of a blog written as a notebook of trip, in which Perez of Mud tries to realize, in the first person, of what Shenzhen, Guanzhou happens in some of the principal metropolitan regions, – Shanghai, Chongqing – of which they coincide in affirming many will be the principal global power of the 21st century. The people of the street, the food, the processes of destruction and construction I am used Godzilla, the corporate neighborhoods and those of factory-works or the new creative districts are some of the topics that are commented in these notes, – that they might serve the readers as an informal guide and of entertaining approximation to the experience of the new China.

José Pérez de Lama, aka Tse Xiaolong, is A Doctor in Architecture and teacher of the University of Seville. Nowadays he is an assistant director of the Technical Top School of Architecture of this university. His habitual work developed up to the date in collaboration with the group, centres on the relations between technologies, metropolis and politics. Other tests of the author in the same kind include the Letters from Deleuzeguattarilandia [1999-2001] written ones in Los Angeles, California, which they turned partly head office of his doctoral thesis on this metropolitan region, and the Cartas a Farloluna, escritas en México durante la Marcha Zapatista en el año 2001.


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