Canva‘s idea arose when Melanie Perkins was giving lessons of programs of graphical design in the university and realized that the students had difficulties to learn the basic thing. Together with Cliff Obrecht, co-founder of Canva, Melanie created Fusion Books, a tool of design on line that was helping students and teachers to create his own yearbooks. Rapidly they noticed that the technology that they had developed could use in a much more wide environment. And after a laborious search, they created Canva together with Cameron Adams, technological co-founder.

“Canva is not a magic, it will not turn you from one day to other one into graphical designer, neither it tries to replace the work of these. Canva is simply an alternative of software for the creation of visual elements, with a very low curve of learning and that it puts within reach of any user with few knowledge, the power to give life to his ideas with an amicable hand guiding him during the whole process”.

Canva is a web tool, so it can be used by anyone by a mariner, from any device. The service is free and though you will have to register to be able to accede.

Canva offers an enormous bookshop of photographies, illustrations, web elements, typographies, palettes of colors, and all kinds of resources of design that you could imagine to use in your projects.

Canva possesses a great equipment of designers, developers, artists, professionals of marketing, investors and advisers. They all come from unexpected places: some left his works; others, his own startups, and some of them even shortened his trips for the world to add to the equipment.

If you want to learn everything on Canva and as to use it, the site puts to the disposition of his users a series of video tutoriales complete enough.

Canva is an interesting alternative to the complex professional traditional tools, as Photoshop or Illustrator, undoubtedly you must experience with this one new option.

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