Inhabited architecture

The Museum Guggenheim Bilbao will receive from the next 20th until May 19, 2013 Inhabited Architecture, a new sample of works belonging to the own collection of the art gallery, which he thinks over concerning the concept of architecture and his aptitude to suggest ” a past or a present created by us and our relations with the others “.

As the Museum has explained,

“Architecture understood with the same terms that it raised in 1881 William Morris, impeller of the movement Arts and Crafts: the whole physical environment that surrounds the human life, we cannot escape of the architecture while we form a part of the civilization, because the architecture represents the set of modifications and alterations got in the terrestrial surface, to satisfy the human needs, exempting only the desert cigar “.

Therefore, it has indicated that ” it is an architecture that includes not only the buildings or inhabitable constructions, but the cities, his streets, furniture and, definitively, all that created by the hand of the man “.

The exhibition includes six works belonging to the own collection of the Museum of five international artists who think concerning the occupation of the space as place of already existing narratives or who are on the verge of being created by the spectator.

On the occasion of this sample, Guggenheim Bilbao appears for the first time in the Museum the works how do you go away to enduring? Does kitchen cat speak (How ploughs you going to behave? To kitchen cat speaks, 2009) of the British artist Liam Gillick; Without title (2008), of Doris Salcedo; Home (Home, 1999) of Mona Hatourm; and Forms of life 304 (Life Forms 304, 2003), of Pello Irazu. They complete the exhibition Cristina Iglesias’s works, Without title (Room of alabaster), of 1993 and Without title (Lattice the IInd), of 1997.

In the room 303 the work is exposed how do you go away to enduring? Does kitchen cat speak (How ploughs you going to behave? To kitchen cat speaks, 2009) produced originally for the German pavilion of the Biennial show of Venice of 2009 for the British artist Liam Gillick (Aylesbury, 1964) and lay sister to the Museum Guggenheim Bilbao.

This installation consists of a modular kitchen realized in wood of pine, based on the kitchen Frankfurt, designed in the twenties by the arquitecta and activist antiNazi Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky for a complex of social housings.


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Inhabited architecture

From September 20 until May 19, 2013

Guggenheim Bilbao

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