ArchiMaps is a guides’ new application of architecture for Smartphone and Tablet. Each of his maps, centred on a certain city or region, shows more than 250 works of architecture of all the epochs, carefully selected.

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Simple and functional.

The structure of the application is simple. It is possible to navigate upon every ArchiMap in way map and in way it lists. With the map we can trace the works of architecture for his geographical location and in relation to our own location; in the list we are appeared by a building relation that we can arrange on the basis of the proximity to our position, to his date of construction, or alfabéticamente; from both we can accede to the card of every building. Both the map and the list allow to realize searches for introduction of text, and to leak the buildings depending on his principal use or the historical period to which they belong. Also it is possible to mark any building as favorite, and of this form to guard a selection of works for his later visit or consultation.


Inside every map different ArchiRoutes offer: these consist of thematic selections of buildings, which propose a set of works to visiting on the basis of a certain architectural style, an out-standing architect or a specially interesting zone.

The ArchiRoutes are thought to show the strong points to the user, architectonically speaking, of the place that he visits. Some of them have a more general character; others allow to penetrate into certain aspects of the local architecture. ArchiMaps does not centre exclusively on modern architecture, but it shows buildings of all the styles and historical periods. Each of his maps includes from the most ancient present works of interest in the zone, up to the most recent examples of contemporary architecture.

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An alive content and of quality.

ArchiMaps has been developed by architects, and both the choice of the works and the summary of the information that accompany them are realized by specialists in History of the Architecture, handling only rigorous information. To support the control on the content of the application, ArchiMaps does not work with direct contributions on the part of the users, though yes offers and suggestions can be sent. The user also can send photographies realized by him itself by means of a direct access in the card of the building.

ArchiMaps‘ content is in constant expansion. In the moment of his launch the application possesses three ArchiMaps: Chicago, Madrid and New York. Others, as London, are in phase of development, and they will see the light soon. The already active maps in the application also get up-to-date regularly with the incorporation of new works and ArchiRoutes.

ArchiMapsworks in systems iOS and Android, and can disburden of free form in the App Store and Google Play. Also it is present in RRSS where the last innovations and updates are published.

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