Alternativas / Alternatives. XIII BEAU

CASA 1014 (Barcelona). Arquitectos H ARQUITECTES. Foto Adrià Goula
1014 House (Barcelona). Arquitectos H ARQUITECTES. Photo Adrià Goula

The itinerant exhibition, which is inaugurated in the Alhambra of Granada on July 19, will be able turn in other national and international cities as New York, in October.

Under the title Alternatives / Alternatives, the XIIIth BEAU  has distinguished 89 projects between the categories of Heritage, Urbanism and Innovation, as well as in investigation, in the labor of spreading and in Projects End of Career.

The XIIIth BEAU has selected this year those projects that stand out for raising different ways of confronting the problems which the architecture and the urbanism face, in an epoch of recovery of the landscape and renovation of the urban space and his constructions.

On the Spanish Biennial show of Architecture and Urbanism.

From his first edition the Spanish Biennial show of Architecture and Urbanism has been integrating a set of activities specifically related to the Architecture, organized by the diverse institutions collaborators, an itinerant exhibition that gathers in each of his editions those works that for his qualities have been deserving of being finalists in the Biennial show and the prizes established in each of his categories. The Spanish Biennial show of Architecture and Urbanism is conceived not only as an event but as an open session during two corresponding years that it includes his term.

The Biennial show XIII Spanish of Architecture and Urbanism is promoted by the Government of Spain across the Headquarter of Architecture, Housing and Soil of the Department of Promotion, in collaboration with the Top Advice of Architects’ Colleges of Spain (CSCAE), and with the support of the Foundation Arquia.

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