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The architect Alfredo Baertl Montori (it was born in Lima – Peru on March 09, 1928) realized the studies of architecture in the National University of Engineering (in this Engineers’ School at the time), in the same city, being entitled in the year of 1951.

In the house of the architect Baertl M. checking the works of summary and investigation. Miraflores, Lima – 2008 | Photography: Fernando Freire Forga

From 1948 until 1950 he practised in the offices of the architect Raúl Morey and between the years from 1950 to 1952 in the offices of the associate architects Santiago Agurto, Javier Cayo and Eduardo Neira. By the middle of the decade of 1950 Designer was employed at the Social Insurance as Architect, under the guardianship of the recognized architect Ricardo Malachowski[1] . It is in this stage where it initiates his interest for the hospitable design, acquiring knowledge that it would apply some years later for the Projection of the General Maria Auxiliadora Hospital and Neoplásicas’s Hospital (National Institute of Diseases Neoplásicas, INEN), both in the city of Lima.

Of the one-family housings that it projected the house stands out for Mr. Nycander, in 1957, which received a prize on the part of Miraflores’s municipality, as recognition of the architectural successful quality.

The works of the architect Baertl stood out for the magnificent successful details. Almost the totality of the projects designed by his study they were constructed by him, allowing him to achieve the thin one ended in his projects. The finished ones it was in the habit of designing them with the same suppliers, with the gentleman Pedro Roselló[2] he designed plate them of stone, doing the same thing with the carpentries of aluminium and wood, in which it obtained original solutions for his projects.

Also it projected and constructed several housings unifamilaires in the cities of Chiclayo and Piura to beginnings of the decade of 1960.

By the ends of the decade of 1960 – 1970 in forward, Baertl’s work will stand out also in the planning and urban development of mining cities: Mining Company Milpo, Cia. Miner San Ignacio de Morococha, Cia. Miner Raura, Cia. Miner Atacocha, between others.

Between the years of 1970 and 1985, the architect Baertl will develop two projects of great importance for our country, since it are the General Maria Auxiliadora Hospital and the National Institute of Diseases Neoplásicas INEN, both constructed in the city of Lima.

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[1] The architect Alfredo Baertl Montori informed as collaborator in the supervision of the construction of the Hospital of the Employee of Lima, today Edgardo Rebagliati, (1150 beds), the Hospital of the Employee of Chiclayo and Arequipa (300 beds in each one), under the direction of the architect Ricardo Malachowski.


Fernando Freire Forga

Fernando Freire Forga nace en Lima el 21 de marzo de 1977. Entre los años 1994 y 2000 realiza estudios de arquitectura en la Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas en la misma ciudad. En 1999 obtiene el primer premio en el Concurso a nivel nacional organizado por PROCOBRE-PERÚ con la tesis: Edificio Automatizado de Oficinas: “Usos del Cobre en la Arquitectura”.

Ha realizado estudios de Doctorado sobre Arquitectura Moderna en la ETSAB, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona en la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, España. Actualmente , se encuentra inmerso en el desarrollo de trabajos de recopilación e investigación de Arquitectura Moderna en el Perú. Es docente de la Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú y se desenvuelve como proyectista de manera independiente.

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