Alfonso Salgado: Space and time. Memory and territory

Conference of the architect Alfonso Salgado inside the days of Architecture and rural Territory celebrated in Callobre (To Highway) on Friday, the 26th of July, 2013 organized for rvr architects.

Three projects:


Unha meniña almorza mentres mira como a londra se mergulla. Está na casa da súa avoa…

The Pedrachán seems, to the first sight, in an inconvinient, peripheral situation …, but it is a false impression. This condition, literally edged and of backs to the core, offers, if we give the due attention, evident advantages and inconvenient minimums. Beyond the above mentioned, it is a question of a singular condition that it is necessary to respect and even to strengthen, since there is in her a certain atmosphere that encourages and rests, since of magic place and out of the time…


The rigorous analysis of the successive historical planes of the area provides the keys of the project. In the corner this one of the square, a small circular area remains as mute witness of the successive changes…


The neighborhood of The Chainza, to another side of Noia’s Bridge, has long history. Plucked from ancient on the trace of the Camiño Real, it was of the whole life place of step forced from outside of Noia. The new road in certain way edged it: and, as a meander broken off from the routes of traffic, the Chainza was pushed suddenly against the maritime edge, and met restricted and isolated, but this saved it…

So the Chainza, in spite of his scanty activity, conserve a today the suitable scale, which him is own and gives him sense; his condition of decay is reversible, and his situation and character, presents in the whole area, they make her deserving of better condition, that is to say, deserving of being something more than a ” short-cut for ready “…

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