About the new Law of Intellectual Property

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From the advertisement, last Friday, part of the Cabinet of the government Spain the new Law of Intellectual Property different currents of opinion have taken place both in the physical means and in Internet in spite of the fact that still the original text of the project is not available. The controversy principally centres the one that has been named a “Rate Google”, essence, this terminology is in use for saying to a compensation that the ” incorporates of links will have to pay the authors of the links.

Here I leave you someone of them.

Frequent questions on the new Law of Intellectual Property, David Bravo’s interesting article in The Diarios to approach the topic or in Genbeta, how there will work the ” rate Google ” that the Government has introduced in the reform of the LPI?. Enrique Dans shows his opinion in Speaking on the project of law of reform of the intellectual property, after an interview with Luz Sala, about La Informacion.

Though Google still has not declared himself on this topic if they have made it any of the most important agregadores such it is the case of Wag Me across a letter opened of his creator Ricardo Galli. In this writing Galli that exposes and argues his position before this reform of law that “since treats itself about modifications with aims clearly mercantilists” this way he analyzes it, from an economic point of view.

It climbs minor, this law also will affect all those persons who have a blog, electronic magazine, etc, that is updated by new, and like that contents they explain it to us in genbeta.

The topic promises … inalienable Rights

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