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One more year, 48h Open House BCN, the festival of Architecture of Barcelona announces his dates. His third edition will take place on Saturday, the 27th and Sunday, the 28th of October, two days in which the inhabitants of Barcelona and those who visit the city will be able to take part actively of a weekend of doors to biertas to the excellence of the good architecture, the urbanism and the good design of Barcelona. 48H OHB_2012 consolidates his offer and his format. Last weekend of October Barcelona will celebrate his Festival of Architecture. The event that preserves his free and popular character, supports the formula of knowledge that makes possible the exchange of ideas and the reflection. A format that with the 25.000 and 35.000 participants of his first and second edition, respectively, supports his success.

This year, also they will be more than 150 the buildings of different tipologías, forms and measures that will be able to be visited and the people will have the possibility of seeing his city across other eyes. Between the new incorporations to the program of 48H Open House BCN 2012, to mention recoveries and transformations as that of the Factory of the Sucre (Jordi Garcés, 2011), an industrial complex in the neighborhood of the Poble Nou, composed by 5 edificos, that in 1916 was sheltering a distillery of alcohol and that nowadays receives 29 lofts of design; spaces of public usefulness like the ship that shelters Mercabarna-flower (Willy Müller, 2008), whose icónica covered based on folds and colors sends to the sector of the activity that receives: the market of the flower; or an unpublished walk along the interior of Montjuïc’s emblematic Font Màgica (Carles Buïgas, 1929). A rich, varied and qualitative offer thought to give response to the tastes and preferences of all the citizens. A list, in which besides the innovations visits are kept to places that as the building Average – tic of the architect Enric Ruíz Geli (2010) or the House Perez Samanillo, headquarters of the Equestrian Circle, in previous editions have enjoyed great acceptance.

The barcelones/as / Barcelonian and those who visit the count city during the weekend of October 27 and 28 will be able to choose between a total of 10 urban circuits and to organize to his measure the tour that more attracts them. The number of itineraries has been established depending on the exhibited buildings, coinciding with each of ten districts with those that there divides Barcelona (Ciutat Vella, Eixample, Gràcia, Horta-Guinardó, They Corts, Nou Barris, Sant Andreu, Sant Martí, Sants-Montjuïc and Sarrià-Sant Gervasi).

In every space, the visitors will think volunteers that they will guide them in his visit and will be able to inform them about any detail or doubt related to the event. In occasions, they will be the architects, the current users of the enclave or the persons in charge of the planning of the zone or visited area those who are guides, exchange his experiences, propitiate the dialog and contribute that the participants understand better the visited spaces.

The organization of 48H Open House BCN, with the aim to improve his exposition and to add dynamism to the weekend, this year will extend schedules in those spaces that like that allow it, will reinforce the character of voluntary work concerning the event and will promote the use of the social networks as tool of communication. In I make concrete, to the site www.48hopenhousebarcelona.org updated with practical and detailed information, they add the page of facebook www.facebook.com/48HOpenHouseBarcelona, the account of twitter http://twitter.com/48hOpenHouseBcn and one account in instagram 48HOPENHOUSEBCN where to share photos related to the event.

48H_OHB member of the Open House Worlwide

The roots of 48H OHB takes root in the city of London, where for already 20 years a weekend of September takes place the Open House London. Activity, which gradually cities have incorporated into his calendar as New York, Dublin, Galway or Barcelona. An international studding, which coexistence and concord makes concrete with his alliance under the network Open House Worlwide www.openhouseworldwide.org. The participation activates of 48H Open House BCN like one of 22 member who compose this network helps to reinforce and provide with visibility to Barcelona and his culture to global scale.

ArquitecturaReversible, the organizers

ArquitecturaReversible, is a cultural organization with more than nine years of experience that brings the architecture over to the persons, as a good that surrounds us, and from the knowledge it stimulates critical and creative points of view simultaneously. The arquitectas Janice Moret, Gemma Solanellas y Elisenda Bonet, components of the association and organizing of 48H Open House BCN ” generates resources to explain the space / environment to the persons, creating an identical event to an intelligent city-smart city-, compromised with his environment and that facilitates the interaction of the citizen with the urban elements and the architecture. They work from a core connected with multidisciplinary equipments, adapted to the different public ones and the implied ones in a project develop a participative network between all “.

+ arquitecturareversible.org


The 3ª edition of the 48H Open House BCN celebrates  the weekend of the 27 and 28 October

More than 150 buildings opened

An open event to the citizen participation

Architects, users, planificadores and volunteers will explain each space to the visitors

An informative activity thought for all the publics and of free character

Information on 48H OHB_12 in:

+ 48hopenhousebarcelona.org

+ facebook.com/48HOpenHouseBarcelona

+ twitter.com/48hOpenHouseBcn

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