The Biennial Spanish XIIth of Architecture and Urbanism · Rewarded

From his first edition the Biennial Spanish of Architecture and Urbanismo, has gone integrating a group of activities specifically related with the Architecture, organised by the diverse institutions collaborators, an itinerant exhibition that collects in each one of his editions those works that by his qualities have been merecedoras to be finalists in the Biennial and the prizes established in each one of his categories.

The Ministry responsible for public works, through the General Direction of Architecture, House and Suelo, in collaboration with the Upper Council of the Schools of Architects of Spain (CSCAE) and the Foundation Box of Architects and the Union of Groupings of Architects Urbanistas (UAAU), summoned at the beginning of 201 3 the XII Biennial Spanish of Architecture and Urbanismo corresponding to the bienio 2011-2012, under the direction of the architects Fuensanta Grandson and Enrique Sobejano.

The days 9 and 10 May 2013 took place in Madrid the meetings of the Jury of the XII Biennial Spanish of Architecture and Urbanismo. The Jury was composed by Javier Martín, General Deputy director of Architecture in representation of the General Director of Architecture, House and Floor of the Ministry responsible for public works, Alfonso Toribio, Dean of the School of Architects of Asturias in representation of the President of the CSCAE, Carlos Gómez Agustí, in representation of the President of the Foundation Box of Architects Fuensanta Grandson and Enrique Sobejano, Directors of the XII BIENNIAL SPANISH, Andrés Check, Architect, founder of the Office of Political Innovation, Sebastià Jornet, Architect, professor of urbanismo in the ETSAB and member of the team Jornet-Llop-winning Shepherd of the Prize of Urbanismo of the XI Biennial, Sol Madridejos, Architect, partner founder of Sancho-Madridejos Architecture Office (S-MAO), Professor of Projects of the European University UEM, Madrid, Rafael Aranda, Architect, partner founder of RCR Arquitectes, Olot, by agreement of the Executive Committee in replacement of Carmen Pigem, Matthias Sauerbruch, Architect, partner founder of the study Sauerbruch Hutton, Professor of the Universität der Künste (UdK), Berlin, and Wilfried Wang, Architect and Criticise of Architecture, Partner founder Hoidn Wang Partners, Professor of the University of Texas at Austin (USE).

In this edition received  583 works of architecture realised in the bienio 2011-2012. In the first session of the meetings of the Jury, 164 were considered like SELECTED. Finally the Jury agreed to concede 15 PRIZES and signal 27 FINALISTS.



– Cineteca Slaughterhouse, Madrid, of Churtichaga-Quadra Salcedo Architects
– Museum of the Peregrinaciones and the City, Santiago de Compostela, of Manuel Galician Jorreto
– Restoration and Rehabilitation of the Enclosure of Careers of the Hippodrome of the Zarzuela, Madrid, of Junquera Architects
– Medialab Meadow, of Langarita-Navarro Architects
– New Library Hertziana. Max Planck Institut, Rome, of Juan Navarro Baldeweg


– Plan of Ordenación of the Seaboard of Galicia , of the Autonomous Community of Galicia, Direction xeral of sostibilidade and paisaxe. Manuel Borobio Sanchiz and Míriam García García
– Adecuación of the Yacimiento Roman of Can Tacó, of Toni Gironés


– Recovery of the Crack Fluff of Vigo, of the Consortium Crack Fluff Vigo
– Strategic Plan for the central area: Project Madrid Centre, of José Mª Ezquiaga, Salvador Pérez Brook and Juan Herreros


– The Field of the Barley, Madrid, of The Field of the Barley
– Houses Protected in Saint Vicente of Raspeig, of Alfredo Payá


– Building of offices for the Board of Castilla León in Zamora of Alberto Field Baeza
– Childish School in Pamplona, of Pereda Pérez Architects
– Auditorium and Centre of Congresses of Cartagena, of Selgascano Architects
– Concello of Lalín, of Emilio Tuñón and Luis Moreno García-Mansilla

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