The VIIth Ascensores Enor Architecture Award 2017

Deliberaciones del Jurado durante la pasada edición | Fotografía: Luis Díaz Díaz
Deliberations of the Juror during the past edition | Photography: Luis Díaz Díaz

Three years after the last edition, and twelve years already from the first summons in the year 2004, the Group Elevators Enor summons the edition VII of his Prizes of Architecture.

Though in certain contexts twelve years could suppose not too much time, it turns out impossible to deny that the architecture, the professional reality of the arquitectas and the architects, or the own company for the one that is constructed, is not the same today that that of twelve years ago.

The own Prize, and we themselves as company promoter, also have evolved throughout last years. All these changes are the result of an enterprise culture that he bets of way decided on the innovation and for offering the best response to the updated needs that the company demands.

And nevertheless, we think that also there are beginning and shared aims that continue being equal of valid today that when we promoted the first edition of the Prizes of Architecture.

From his origin, the Prize of Architecture Elevators Enor, it appeared as an opportunity to celebrate the best architecture, from the firm conviction of which the good architecture can happen so much in the projects of major scale as also in the smallest and humble; in the centers of the big capitals or in the most recondite corners; from complex programs of use or to satisfy very elementary needs.

For this reason, twelve years later, and with the Prize of Architecture Elevators Enor consolidated as one the contests of architecture of reference in the Iberian Peninsula, we like to think that the Prize is only a tool; a platform in which we overturn the better of our enterprise culture, to communicate to the company the best architecture: that one that enriches our territories and, for extension, the life of the persons who live them.

Always we have demonstrated that the Prize has been conceived from the architecture, for the architects and with the architects. We think that it cannot be differently, and that all this only is possible from a that cannot be waived commitment for the independence, the quality and the rigor, represented in the composition of all the Jurors of the Prize summoned up to the date and in the Juror of the present edition: Jesus Irisarri – president of the Juror-, Jose Maria Sanchez García – great Prize Enor 2014-, Bet Capdeferro, Santiago of Molina, Cristina Guedes and Carlos Quintáns – Secretary of the Juror-.

Since in all the previous editions, and for treating itself about one of his signs about identity, will continue published a book that will explain in detail, and with abundant graphical material, all the winning works and finalists, beside including a critical text on the recognized works, supporting the same standards of quality in his edition.

From already you can consult the bases of these summons and send your offers. The term to take part and to send the material finishes on March 17, 2017.

We finish inviting you to take part of this new edition, from which only we hope that it is received by the same enthusiasm and illusion that all the previous editions.

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