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During the next days we are going to publish a series of micro-interviews realized by Studio Banana TV in coordination with the equipment of communication, documentation and web transparency to the members of the juror of the Biennial show. The structure of the micro-interviews he is still always the same boss: one or two questions appear to a member of the juror. One of them is a general approximation to the vision that every member of the juror has of the Biennial show or of some concrete aspect. Other one, it is focused on someone of the specific topics raised in this edition: The near thing, the necessary thing and the investigation in architecture and urbanism.

That is the near thing and the necessary thing?

For my, everything what it has to see with the immediacy, with look for tools to communicate with the people as designers or as leaders of the cities. We cannot think that the city is exclusively designed by architects, town planners or politicians. We have to find the conditions in which they they all could express his point of view. It they are fields for exploring, because it is not so clear. The culture does not exist in our country to do it. For my it it is the near and necessary thing.

by Studio Banana TV


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