A Zodiac. Juan Navarro Baldeweg

The Museum ICO presents the exhibition A Zodiac. Juan Navarro Baldeweg, a sample of the work of this architect and Spanish artist of recognized international prestige. His original architectural work denotes a clear foundation in conceptual topics that have his origin in a versatile activity developed in the areas of the painting, the sculpture and the installation. This parallel dedication along all his career is the base of a philosophy centred on the definition of the game of the natural energies and his interaction with the constructive materiality.

The exhibition contains numerous drawings, photographies, models, sculptures and pieces that gave form to more than thirty realized works and some projects of contest that give idea of a creative vital unitary program and a singular aptitude to pass along diverse expressive means. This great vital program remains arranged in the exhibition integrating the chronological thing and the conceptual zodiac that aúna the set of his works.

On the occasion of the exhibition, will be published a catalogue that will possess tests of important critics of art as Simón Marchán, besides specific studies on many of his projects. Visits commented to the exhibition will be realized also and diverse educational activities will be organized for families and students.

A Zodiac. Juan Navarro Baldeweg.
On October 8, 2014 – February 1, 2015.
Paseo del Prado, 4 28014 Madrid

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