En el tiempo. Carlos Cánovas

Paisaje sin retorno, Rontegi, Barakaldo, 1993
Landscape without return, Rontegi, Barakaldo, 1993

“His photographs are poetic monuments built at intermediate moments that precede or recall major social and industrial changes, which leave traces in the space we inhabit”.

In time, it is a journey through the work of Carlos Cánovas from the 80s to the present through 128 photographs grouped in six successive series: Tapias (1980), Extramuros (1983-1990), Vallès Oriental (1990), Landscape Without return (1993-1994), Landscape anonymous (1992-2005) and Seventh heaven (2007-2017).

In this exhibition, the urban landscape is the main protagonist, an urban landscape of which he is particularly interested in the spaces where nature and the intervention of man converge, and which he collects in images with a strong aesthetic and poetic dimension. Those landscapes that he considers as interstitial, located in the city limits, suggest multiple readings around the concepts of space, distance and time, concepts that he also uses for his particular reflection on photography itself. As Cánovas himself affirms,

“the only thing the photographer does is to try to make the things that his images reflect reflect his previous ideas, and also, perhaps less deliberately, but not least, his doubts”.

Paisaje sin retorno, Bilbao, 1993
Landscape without return, Bilbao, 1993

The work of Carlos Cánovas, as a whole, constitutes a kind of critical record on the transformation of the urban. At the same time, this exhibition highlights the author’s idea about photography itself,

“an activity permeable to personal experience, in each place and at each moment, an experience that can manifest itself in different responses”

but that, from its poetic charge, it revolves intensely around the ideas of time and distance.

In the time. Carlos Cánovas
From May 30 to September 9, 2018
Ico Museum, Madrid, Spain

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