Tectónica 34 [covers: new uses]

The potential of the fifth façade. The covers offer a very wide fan of uses and possibilities that has materialised  in distinct forms depending of each moment and place, answering of effective way to the climatological conditions to which had to  enfrentar. The covers also have been a favourable space to develop glorious structures that, to the thread of the execution of slopes to evacuate the waters, finished resolving big lights and difficult geometries, well by need or by the research of an expresividad associated to the finish of the building. In front of the cover conceived only to move away the waters, was the cover that could use, step, and that recovered for our use the space that the building occupies in the terrain. Once systematised the possibility to step the cover, no longer went to put  a limit to his use, and appear parks (Gaudí in the park Güell), sportive installations, (Of the Sota in the school Maravillas), tracks of proof for cars (factory Lingotto of FIAT), auditoriums in the open air, swimming pools, crops… The use will determine a specific solution and a thickness with which resolve the own constructive complexities of each solution.


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