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Critical reflection on the economic crisis and his consequences. In Spain, especially, this circumstance met accentuated by the famous real-estate bubble.

The idea refers to the American Dream as symbol of what longs the whole country, the final aim that it is necessary to reach in the life: to have a housing in property. This desire there legitimized a social model based on the production indiscriminate and protected by the bank speculation.

The dream did bits to itself and, as inheritance, we have a territory infected by works that stayed without ending, premature ruins that already form a part of our landscape. It alludes to emotional, recreating familiar scenes in works without finishing off.

The slightly domestic aspect of the spaces contrasts with the normality of the daily scenes provoking the reflection on a company that, dragged by the zeal to turn into owners, he forgot the real sense of to live.

The project has developed in different locations in Galicia. Nevertheless, the geographical relocation of the space is looked of conscious form, not introducing identifiable references, provided that this might happen in any part of the Spanish territory. The production of the project began in July, 2010 with a pilot experience and since then very different locations have been realized. The used means: management of permissions, furniture, actors, … come fundamentally from own resources, lendings and friends’ collaborations.

Work: Spanish Dream 2011

Authors: Colectivo Cadelas Verdes [Ana Amado, Marta Marcos, Luz Paz]

Location: Galicia. Spain

Year: 2010 – 2012

Photography: colectivo Cadelas Verdes

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Prizes and distinctions emphasized

· MACC (Mercado Atlático de Creación Contemporánea). Sección oficial.Santiago de Compostela .2010.

· Exposición en la sede del Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Galicia, (COAG): seleccionado para su Programación Cultural. Santiago de Compostela .2012.

· Descubrimientos PHOTOESPAÑA 2012. Seleccionado. Madrid. 2012.

· I premio internacional de fotografía Galería Rita Castellote : áccesit y exposición en la galería. Madrid. 2012.

· Feria Casa/Arte. Madrid.2012.

· Exposición en la Galería Sargadelos. Ferrol (A Coruña). 2012.

· Arquia/Próxima 2012 premio nacional de arquitectura y III Forum Arquia 2012: finalista y Premio del Público. A Coruña. 2012.

· XV premios COAG de arquitectura, categoría comunicación y divulgación: primer premio. A Coruña. 2013.

· Pre-finalistas en la XII Bienal Española de Arquitectura. Madrid. 2013.

· Mención de honor en los Premios Arquitectura Plus. Grupo Vía Comunicación. Barcelona. 2013

· Tercer premio en el Festival Eme3- Fundación Jesús Serra. Barcelona. 2013.

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