REBUILD 2019. Smart Building

Madrid will host REBUILD 2019, the innovation event to transform the building sector that will gather more than 9,000 professionals Smart Building is the concept under which REBUILD 2019 begins its journey this year to bring together more than 9,000 professionals in the building sector , around 3,500 congressmen and about 380 speakers.

· Gema Traveria, director of REBUILD, highlights the great opportunity involved in holding this event for the industry in order to publicize the progress made in the transformation of the building and reflect on its future.

· Industrialization, energy efficiency, sustainability, technology, design and innovation in materials will mark this second edition of REBUILD, which will turn Madrid into the world capital of intelligent building.

· The meeting between professionals of the sector will take place on September 17, 18 and 19 in Hall 8 of Feria de Madrid (IFEMA).

REBUILD 2019. Smart Building

REBUILD 2019 is already underway to make Madrid the smart building capital of the world from September 17 to 19. The meeting, which will be held in Hall 8 of Feria de Madrid (IFEMA), will be attended by more than 9,000 professionals from the sector, representing more than 5,000 new building projects, in addition to the more than 200 companies that will be present at the event. the exhibition area to present its most innovative and cutting-edge proposals in the field of building.

Under the Smart Building concept, this second edition of REBUILD seeks to place the focus of innovation in the digital transformation of buildings, in the collection and analysis of data to achieve greater efficiency that contributes to the creation of smarter cities, or in offsite construction to reduce turnaround times and increase the accuracy of projects. In short, introduce the digitalization, and all the possibilities that this process offers, in this great showcase of the sector. And, according to United Nations data, the world population that lives in cities is expected to grow from 54% to 66% by the year 2050, thus adding 2.5 billion people to urban areas. Given this scenario, the need to create more sustainable, energy efficient and quality buildings through a more intelligent use of technology is accentuated.

“For this second edition of REBUILD we want to present a much more integrated perspective of the building industry, in which the different agents can show their progress for the necessary transformation of the sector”,

Gema Traveria says, director of REBUILD, who also points out that

“This meeting is a great business opportunity to bring together all professionals in the sector: from architects, developers, builders, surveyors, interior designers, to engineers, installers and site managers, among many others”.

REBUILD 2019: A proposal of success.

The second edition of REBUILD arrives in Madrid, the boutique innovation event to transform the building sector with the latest trends, solutions, materials and technologies. And with the security of overcoming the success experienced in its first edition, held in Barcelona. For this reason, within the planned schedule for this year, the second edition of the ‘National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0’ will take place, with a specialized agenda for each of the different professional profiles that will visit it, and designed with the objective to reflect on the future of the building and the drivers that should mark its transformation. To this end, the Congress will offer more than 112 conferences around four major axes: Advanced Architecture & Design, Construction 4.0 & Building, Interior Design & New Materials and Lighting & Energy Efficiency.

REBUILD 2019 offers much more, since under the same event, a set of parallel events are added, such as the organization of the The Advanced Architecture Awards”, specialized workshops among which are the ‘Construction Tech Startup Forum’, to support the entrepreneurship and meet new disruptive proposals; or the ‘Talent Market Place’ to open the meeting for the talent of young university students. It also has many networking events to facilitate contact and create a comfortable environment for the B2B”.

“Issues such as process industrialization, BIM, sustainability in terms of circular economy and Passivhaus, or cross-cutting elements of digitization such as blockchain, artificial intelligence or nanotechnology will be only some of the key aspects that will be addressed in REBUILD 2019 during the three days of this professional meeting. We have the firm objective of consolidating ourselves as the knowledge transfer platform, an unmissable event for companies that are looking for building projects and new generation contacts”

Traveria concludes.

REBUILD 2019 has the institutional support of the Ministry of Development, the Community of Madrid, and the City of Madrid; the Architects Association of Madrid (COAM), the Interior Designers and Designers Association of Madrid (CODDIM), the Madrid Association of Quantity Surveyors, as well as more than 90 business organizations, universities, professional associations and colleges, technology centers and most innovative companies in the manufacture of materials and solutions for building.

About REBUILD 2019.

REBUILD 2019 (17, 18 and 19 September | Feria de Madrid IFEMA) is the second edition of the event for professionals in the building sector, which brings together all the latest innovation and materials, products and solutions in one area Exhibition showroom with more than 200 companies. In addition, the second edition of the National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0 is held with more than 350 international speakers, 4 stages and 3 professional workshops. More than 9,000 architects, surveyors, builders, developers, installers, reformers, interior designers, engineers and industry professionals will meet at this meeting.

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