Court over court | Fernando M. Molina León

Installation of ephemeral architecture for the headquarters of the CICUS (Center of Cultural Initiatives of the University of Seville) that consists of putting in crisis the space of the court doing a court inside him same.

The used draught-board has two characters, one inside (RED) and other one was (WHITE) that interferes inside the court. The hollow between the pieces does that it continues the draught-board for the rest of the space of the court on having crossed the light of the exterior (by day) or of the interior (by night).

The use of the squares of color and emptiness answers to the intention of framing a space with a membrane species that stops to spend the exterior to the interior. The installation encloses a space from the one that estimates simultaneously interior and exterior.

In the whole tour of the installation one tries to make fuse planes of a character with them of otro:el ceiling with the soil with the displacement of the draught-board in the hollow, with the walls on having crossed the light…

Used materials

PET’s Sheets (the plastic with which the packings of the yogures are done), cables of plaited tightened steel, bridles of plastic.

Work: Court over court

Author: Fernando Mariano Molina León

Collaborators: Miguel Fdez. Soler, Miguel Ángel Serrano Domenech, Alberto Castro Rosado, Rafael Troncoso Gómez and Alfonso Guajardo Fajardo

Location: Center of Cultural Initiatives of the University of Seville, Calle San Fernando, Sevilla. España

Year: From March 23 to May 11, 2012

Collaborating with the Project: Coexpan (Grupo Lantero), CICUS (Center of Cultural Initiatives of the University of Seville), Cocacola and Cruzcampo.

Photography: Alberto Castro Rosado


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