Monolith in the beach | Carlos Zurdo-Jesús Barrera-Domingo Barrios-Fernando Molina


Monolith in the beach tries to be an attempt for materializing and to live a spatial concept.

Without “thickness”, the concepts are sets of lines (that for thin, immaterial, they try to be almost of ink) and planes ” without thickness ” (of paper? …) enclosing a space that only we can imagine.

To little that let’s let’s want to see of what they are done, how they are supported … they vanish… Only with the drawing we manage to approach … since to half a way between the imagination and the reality.

To that inhales Monolith in the beach.

To being to half a way between “being a product of the head” and of it being “of the hands”.

The concept in the drawing represented by the elephant on tiptoe thanks to Arístides Artal‘s illustration (Drawings of “Interior Vision“), tries to form “the unrepresentable thing”; the untouchable thing that they are the ideas “in ideal condition” and the great thing that “they weigh” when we try to materialize them.

Work: Monolith in the beach
Location: Punta Umbría, Huelva, Spain
Authors: Carlos Zurdo, Jesús Barrera, Domingo Barrios, Fernando Mariano Molina León
Date: On July 26, 2015.
Photography: Fernando Mariano Molina León

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